Borderlands 3 guide: The Anvil challenges


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here they are all border areas 3The Anvil challenge locations in Eden-6. Check out the full zone map below, along with individual images for each challenge location.

In most there are several challenges border areas 3letters. These challenges reward great experience and sometimes even improve your vehicles. They’re always worth collecting, but some of them can be quite difficult to find. And that’s why we found them for you.

Anvil Challenge Map locations


Gearbox Software / 2K Games via Polygon

Look for the small gray icons on the map above to find The Anvil challenges.

crimson radium

The first Crimson Radio is in the open space before the bridge. It’s stacked on top of a stack of boxes. Look for the orange spray paint and go upstairs.

crimson radium

The second Crimson Radio is on the other side of the bridge on a huge tower platform. It won’t be easy to get up there. You have to jump and climb around the tower and over a difficult pipe each. From here you can get to the top of the tower and disable the radio tower.

dead chatter

After going through the door with Brick, go left and enter the two rectangular rooms. You’ll find the Claptrap under a water pipe.

dead chatter

The second dead Clap Trap is near the Target of Opportunity arena. He’s lying on an operating table with dyed hair sticking out of him, hard to miss.

target of opportunity

Like most targets of opportunity, The Anvil’s is in a huge arena structure on the left side of the map. Follow his map and you will find him easily.

Typhoon Protocol 1

Once you enter The Anvil, look for a small tower on the left. Climb it to find the first Typhoon Log.

Typhoon Diary 2

Before following Brick through the door, enter the small branch on the left. You’ll find the Typhon Log at the top of a railing.

Typhoon Protocol 3

The third Typhoon Log is easy to spot but hard to hit. Before the bridge, find a glass enclosure connecting two buildings. Go through the enclosure, climb the crates and jump onto the roof of the glass enclosure. The Typhoon Log is on the roof.

Typhoon dead drop

Before you get to the large area with the first Crimson Radio, just past the vending machines, the Typhon Dead Drop is in a small room on the right.

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