BMW X5 M Competition Review 2022


What is?

It’s the M car the world wants right now, not the one it needs. The BMW X5 M Competition combines the powertrain of BMW’s sublime M5 supersedan with the bodywork, tall driving position and “come on, I’m late for a date with the weight room demeanor of BMW’s midsize X5.” The global hunger for SUVs means the X7 and a future X8 now overtake the twin X5 and X6 in BMW’s SUV ranks. An X5 is nowhere near a flagship these days.

Not that the X5 M lacks… anything, really. In the UK, we only get the top-spec competition variant flogged, because what kind of lout worth his salt could hope to get around with just 592bhp on tap? The Comp’s 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 is rated at 616 hp, though torque remains at 553 lb-ft.

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The result is a school bus that goes like oily droppings on a garden shovel. Activate launch control and the X5 M accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. If you want to get to 124 mph, this dump truck will get you there in 13.4 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the man’s poor, pathetic Mr. Loser X5. Spend £2,100 on the optional M Driver’s Pack and your top speed jumps from 155mph to 190mph. Is there a German word for “enough”?

All that punch means the X5 M Comp is a steal. Stick with us here: this monster is about as fast as a Lamborghini Urus or a Bentley Bentayga Speed. It’s just as well-appointed, accommodating the same number of people in space and comfort, but costs just £110,610. We just saved you £60,000.

The X5 M Comp is the closest BMW will ever get to building an M5 station wagon, but it’s not a fully upgraded M5. Although it shares the same engine, eight-speed automatic gearbox and rear-focused four-wheel drive system, someone at M headquarters had the good sense to ditch the M5’s rear-wheel drive mode. They were probably fired soon after.

While you can’t completely disengage the front driveshafts with the iDrive button, BMW says ‘controlled drifts’ are possible on the X5 M, once you invoke 4WD Sport mode, turn off traction control and hire a big extension of open space for the afternoon . Gatwick airport would do. Or New Mexico.

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Next, very few standard X5s remain. The M’s engine mounts are stronger, as are the suspension foundations. You get adaptive dampers with roll neutralization. The cooling and oil systems are approved for circuit use. There’s more camber, bigger tires, huge brakes, and you can even change the feel with the brake pedal, for no good reason.

For £110,000 you’d expect a lot of gear. You get 21-inch wheels up front and 22-inches in the rear. There’s a menacing quad exhaust kit, hideous illuminated ‘M’ motifs on the multi-adjustable leather seats, and a handy split tailgate not to impress any farmer who buys one.

Oh, and there’s no hybrid system buried deep in the bowels of the car. No 48 volt boost and no Eco mode. This is a zero f**ks full of fat, blood and thunder given to BMW. More green hell than the Green Party.

Whether or not you like the idea of ​​German super SUVs, there’s no denying that most of them (Porsche Cayenne, heavily Audi’fied Urus, and various AMG 4x4s) are pretty bloody pieces of engineering, even if their morality is Flawed BMW’s M division tanks range from average (the old X5 M, for example) to downright shoddy (we’re looking at you, X3 M).

Alors, BMW at-il sorti un véritable héros de la performance du sac cette fois-ci, ou at-il donné au monde un pudding à 180 mph dont il n’a pas besoin et qu’il ne mérite pas either?

Our choice of the range.

xDrive X5 M Competition 5-door Step Auto [Ultimate]

What’s the verdict?

Possibly the dumbest super-SUV this side of a G-Wagen. Crazy, bad and dangerously expensive

There may not be a car on sale today that’s as configurable as the X5 M. Jumping into this thing for a spin is like turning on your Xbox for a quick 15-minute game and figuring out how to download fifty terabytes of updates. These favorite M1 and M2 configuration keys will come in handy if you want to tap into this madman’s huge reserves of computing power – and horsepower – every morning. This thing is the definition of “over the top.”

What sets the X5 M Competition apart from the rest of the super-SUV pack is the respect it commands off the straight, dry roads. It’s not a high-rise teleportation pocket like an Audi, Bentley, or even Lamborghini’s Germanic Urus.

Perhaps Division M resented the idea that it no longer makes sharp, serious driver’s cars. Either way, the X5 M Comp can be a good drive. Nobody on the planet needs that much power from their family SUV. Even an X5 M50i already gets the Mickey, and it’s £35,000 cheaper. You could spend that on a Golf GTI.

The X5 M has a lot more AMG DNA – and perhaps even a hint of the Range Rover Sport SVR’s demonic possession – lurking than BMW would rather admit. Someone from the firm team had a blast sliding around in a GLC 63, we bet.

So if you just want a well-equipped and over-equipped all-weather land tank, you should probably take your six-figure bank balance elsewhere. Or older, you presume. The X5 M is not for you. This is an SUV that, despite the physics, common sense, and simple engineering challenge involved, turned out to be a lot of fun, if a bit scary. The world needed him, right?

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