BMW M5 Competition Review 2022


What is?

The BMW M5 received a similar upgrade to the regular 5 Series, but with one crucial difference. While the regular sedan has seen its lineup grow with a handful of new engine options, the M5 has been halved from two to one. In the UK you can now only have the full bore M5 Competition. And we’re the second largest market for the M5 behind the United States (yes, ahead of Germany), so there’s a thing or two you need to know about how to buy one.

Yes, there is no ordinary M5. 2020 has certainly given us some more complicated reveals, but it’s an interesting move as its arch-nemesis, the Mercedes-AMG E63, continues with two horsepower and a sub-£100,000 entry point (fair) . Something the M5 competition can’t offer, prices from £102,325 before options. And you they will be add options. We’ll get to that in a second.

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Its only engine option is an almighty 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 616 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, which propels its two tons (including driver) to 62 mph in 3.3 seconds. Three point three. Bullets came out of firearms slower than that. Its maximum speed depends, again, on the options. It’s 155 mph stock, or 190 mph with the M Driver’s Package…

…which is bundled into a new £19,000 “ultimate package” that gives you all the juicy stuff in one fell swoop. Carbon-ceramic brakes, a carbon engine cover, a higher top speed, heated and massaging seats (to make the 190 as comfortable as the 70), a big stereo, and even a digital TV. BMW says that 15% of people take part in the larger M8 competition.

The M8 also influenced some of the other configurations on this updated M5. The suspension setup from the M8 Gran Coupe is inserted here, surely upping the Big Five’s comfort game in light of the new, more luxurious AMG E63. There’s also a new M-mode switch on the center console, which readies the car for sporty driving on the road or on a track with gritted teeth by pressing or holding the button. Regardless of all engine and chassis settings (which can be changed via separate M buttons on the steering wheel), this new setting mutes the stereo volume and safety systems to increasing levels for road and track.

Added complexity? Well of course. Modern sports sedans are full of them, and the M5 retains the front-mounted xDrive four-wheel drive system, switching to rear-wheel drive only when you want to mess around. But you’ll largely leave it alone, because it sends so much power to the rear of the car in 4WD that you’ll barely get bogged down in an understeer mess if you just hit the start button and go. .

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Our choice of the range.

M5 Competition DCT 4-door [Ultimate Pack]

What’s the verdict?

The fastest M5 ever is also the most comfortable M5 ever. Possibly the most complete super sedan of all

Is “too crowded” a valid criticism? The M5 Competition is all-powerful in performance and comfort, but it lacks a bit of zest and attitude on the daily beat. The kind of beat that doesn’t tarnish your own morale.

Yet we could list a dozen performance cars of which the same is true, and at least as a classy big four-door, this car isn’t. only about putting a smile on your face. It is also slipping into everyday life. Which the M5 will do with absolute class.

Merc’s mighty E63 shows us what’s possible when a little more anger is allowed to bubble to the surface, but in reality both, along with Audi’s insanely good RS7 Sportback, run at such high levels now that they’re extremely difficult to divide Try them all before deciding which one is right for you.

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