Bloodstained guide: Secret Sorcery Lab map

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ArtPlay/505 games via Polygon

secret witch lab Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night it’s a small area in the depths of the castle. Not much to do here – most of the time you’re just passing through on your way to another area.

The Secret Sorcery Lab is connected to the Forbidden Underground Waterway and Inferno Cave.

Below we’ve included a full map of the Secret Sorcery Lab with some notes on the area.


Secret witch lab map


ArtPlay/505 games via Polygon

As soon as you get those water flow Shard and you can go deeper into the forbidden underground channel, you will be able to access the secret witch lab. This area mainly serves as a bridge to reach the Hell Cave. While you’re here, you’ll fight tough new enemies. You must also avoid new and exciting traps that require you to use the shards you have collected so far.

There’s a tough boss fight that will give you a nice defense shard before you can move on to the Inferno Lair.

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