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bridge of evil Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night It’s a fast underground level, but you’ll have to do a little work to get there. The train you’ll find there will take you past the castle to some new areas where you’ll learn an extremely useful skill.

Bridge of Evil connects to the Garden of Silence and the Underground Sorcery Lab.

Below we’ve included a full map of Bridge of Evil with some notes on the region.


Evil bridge map


ArtPlay/505 games via Polygon

You can find your way to the Bridge of Evil from the Garden of Silence, but you will find that your path is blocked by a gate. To cross it you must first collect the silver bromide after defeating Valac in the Tower of Twin Dragons. take it for that Dominika in Arvantville so she can take them with her photo. Take your picture for Dracula of Orlok in livre ex machina, and he will give it to you kick plate You need to delve deeper into Bridge of Evil.

The train takes you to the underground witches laboratory.

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