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After the galleon Minerva, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night moves towards Arvantville. This is your hub and most of the NPCs in the game are located here.

Arvantville connects to the galleon Minerva, the entrance and the forbidden underground channel.

We’ve included a map of Arvantville below. Unlike most other areas of bloodyYou don’t need any special skills to reach all the rooms.


ArtPlay/505 games via Polygon

Even if there’s nothing new to discover on your next visits to Arvantville, you’ll definitely want to come back. The NPCs here will help you with new items for your journey, you can craft weapons and items, and there is a shop.

There are seven characters to talk to in Arvantville:

  • abigail searches for items commemorating the residents of Arvantville. Give him what he asks for to earn rewards.
  • Harry he is a farmer. Feed it seeds and it will produce food that you can use in preparing meals.
  • susie She is an old woman who wants food that she vaguely remembers. Use the icon above his head to determine what food he wants. She will reward you for every meal you give her.
  • ann This is the girl you saved from a demon when you came to Arvantville.
  • Dominika runs a shop. You can buy almost everything you have collected from around the world. You can also sell items you no longer need and any extra shards you have.
  • Lindsay gives you rewards to avenge the deaths of other Arvantville residents. Accept her, kill the required number of each type of demon, and then return to her for a reward.
  • John. Johannes will allow you to craft items and prepare food. You can also use it to improve your shard skills or break down items into their component parts.

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