Blizzard unveils the official Story of Diablo game guide


Blizzard unveiled its in-depth retrospective of the Diablo franchise this week via with the the devil story to your game guide available digitally on your official website.

the devil story provides a summary of all the major events in the Diablo series up to devil 3it is soul Reaper Extension. Check out the new spoiler-filled game guide here.

This digital version marks the second anniversary of the release of devil 3. This coincides with an in-game event that provides a community benefit the window PC and Mac servers, doubles the drop rate for legendary items and gives players double Rift Shards. This event runs until May 22nd.

the Ultimate Maleficent Edition from devil 3 a console-exclusive bundle that includes soul Reaper will be released on August 19th PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 Y xbox one.

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