Black Cat Paper Craft

do you love cats Why not make this cute black kitten out of paper? This is a perfect Halloween craft or just any time of year craft because cats are perfect year round!


black cat paper craft

This is our second paper project of this kind, so if you don’t know how to make the base of the pinwheel out of paper, check out how we made Paper Jack O’Lantern.

To do this, follow the instructions for making the pinwheel, this time using black paper.

Cut out two black triangles for the cat’s ears, strips of white paper for the whiskers, a small pink triangle for the muzzle, and two green ellipses on which to draw black strips for the cat’s eyes.

We use white school glue to glue the details. The glue gun would also work well and you can get the low temperature gun for kids to use it safely.


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