Best stair carpets 2020 – the most fabulous stair runners and flooring for staircases and landings

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  • The ladder seems a little sticky or tired? The new rug should take care of it. A rug or stair slide can instantly turn a small, narrow hallway into a bright spot, or a dull, empty entryway into a fun and engaging space for visitors to enjoy. You have a lot of options these days. Besides simple plots, you can choose classic stripes, pretty polka dots, or even psychedelic flowers.

    “A hallway is a great place to experiment with bold colors and styles,” explains Joanna Ramsden, creative director at Grosvenor Wilton. “Vibrant, vibrant colors effectively characterize small spaces and create an eye-catching impression that will often A neglected hallway becomes a charming and interesting space. “

    Complete the look with our cool hallway ideas.

    There are two main methods of matting: if traction is an issue, it’s best to use a full mat, or use a treadmill. The latter is a good option if you choose hardwood floors for the rest of the hallway, which will reduce the noise as you run up and down the stairs and make your feet feel warmer.

    We’ve picked out some of our favorite models, and you can also find everything you need to know about buying step mats below.

    The Best Step Mats of 2020

    1. The Persian Tapestry by Wilton Nain Emerald, Grosvenor

    Best Ladder - Grosvenor - Wilson

    A versatile combination of blue and teal was used here to create a traditional but vibrant and fresh step rug. A white background helps keep the overall look bright, so you can use darker walls if you want.

    As with all Grosvenor Wilson floors, this pattern can be made to your request and is available in cut (velvet) or loop (Brussels) to suit your taste.

    Claim online: Persian tapestries by Nain Emerald, from £180 per linear metre, Grosvenor Wilson

    2. Strange B Liberty Fabric Thorpe Flower Carpet Replacement Flooring

    Original B Liberty Thorpe Summer Garden Fabric

    Create an eye-catching focal point in the hallway with this gorgeous Liberty floral print. Stairs are great for bold textures, and because of their small surface area, they’re not too loud. Thanks to this model’s dark base, colorful flowers dance around for a truly super stylish rug solution.

    Buy now: Thorpe’s Flower Quirky B Freelance Fabric Summer Garden Carpet, £149 per square metre, floor replacement

    3. Kersaint Cobb Casablanca Staircase, The Bare Flooring Company

    Kersaint-Cobb-Casablanca Stair Carpet

    If you’re looking for longevity, this mat will deliver as a shovel. Delicate stripes give it a classic look that doesn’t come out in a hurry, especially in warm neutrals. Other than that, it’s made from 100% sisal, one of the most durable carpet materials, and it’s a winner in the long run.

    Casablanca designs are part of the Kersaint collection of Moroccan rugs. Each is 69 cm wide to fit most stairs and has pre-finished edges for easy descent from exposed stairs. Zagora – The teal striped grey rug is also one of our favorites.

    Buy now: Kersaint Cobb Casablanca Stairs, £47.49 per linear metre, Naked Flooring Company

    4. Stratford Arena Anthracite Staircase, Hillarys

    Best Staircase Rug - Hillarys

    Not all hallways can be covered with dark carpet. If your home is cramped and has no natural light, you should avoid dark grays or blues as they will only make the situation worse. But if you’re lucky enough to own a farm, it’s an inspiring option. On the surface, they’re pretty intricate, with the added benefit that they hide any minor scratches or fuzz.

    Claim online: Stratford Arena Anthracite Staircase, £49.98 psf, Hillarys

    5. Brintons Padstow Candy Spot Rug, Essential Flooring Direct

    Padstow Candy Store (1)

    We can’t help but smile at this sweet pink polka dot pattern, perfect for a classic look in the hallway. It is available in green, blue, yellow and grey for all interior design solutions. Made from 80% wool and 20% nylon, it’s comfortable to walk on but just as practical when cleaning.

    Buy now: Brintons Axminster Padstow Candy Spot Mat, £70 per sqm, Essential Flooring Direct

    6. Roger Oates Custom Gray Staircase, Hudson Floor

    Best Rugs for Stair Flooring - Custom - Runners - Roger Oates - Hudson

    Personalize your home with custom designs in a world of custom colors. The model is modeled after standard runner Roger Oates and features an Ombre effect that reflects the curves of the stairs.

    Online Claims: Roger Oates Bespoke Cluny Grey Stair Runner, £POA, Hudson Flooring

    7. Runners-up Abigail Ahern Malton Cinder, Roger Oates

    Best Rugs for Stairs - Abigail-Ahern

    As we said, dark rugs are a must for small rooms, but here, the large proportions will impress you.

    Buy Now: Stair Lift Abigail Ahern Malton Cinder, £POA, Roger Oates

    Buying Stair Carpet: Everything You Need to Know

    What materials and patterns are best for step mats?

    It is important to consider the material of your rug because there is a lot of traffic in the hallway. If your home is particularly busy, choose a hard-wearing material like sisal or coir.

    A light-colored floor can brighten a small area, but it will stain; it may be pre-treated to protect it from scratches and splashes, but this is still a risk. Wool naturally repels stains and hides traces of dirt, but you need to deal with them quickly. To restore color, gray or brown may be preferable to cream, or experiment with texture.

    The stripes draw attention throughout the pattern and seem to stretch the area. They’re a smart choice for anyone trying to make a small room look bigger and more dramatic, and can bring life to a simple and neutral setting.

    “Repeating patterns are great for extending hall spaces, especially when they extend up the stairs,” says Joanna Ramsden. “This technique tends to look upwards, creating the illusion of one elongated space rather than two separate areas. The inclusion of bold patterns throughout the hallways and stairs also effectively creates continuity. Continuity between the two spaces and connect the interior up and down.

    My ladder is not standard width, but I want to run. What are my options?

    If you can’t find the color or size you want, consider the custom route as many models can be made in different widths. “Our runways can be repainted and narrow widths can be hand sewn to create stunning soundtracks,” said Andy Guard, Roger Oates Design Director.

    Unlike installed mats, the runner’s silhouette is designed to be visible. It can be a woven border as part of the design, or a separate cotton or linen hem in a contrasting colour often used on natural floors. If you want the runner to fit the cushion perfectly, it can be made into narrow strips with jam patches or foam contours.

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