Best soup maker 2022: for smooth soups and chunky broths

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  • Cooking season isn’t over, and the best soups are the perfect creamy ones to make your winter lunches easier. Many of the best soup chefs can make a steamed soup in just over 10 minutes, and there’s no shortage of Ninja, Drew & Cole, Morphy Richards and Salter models. Our team of expert testers evaluated each of our guides for the top six soup makers. We make a variety of soups, from potato leeks to curries, and pay attention to how easy it is for the cook to clean up and maintain.

    Some of the best mugs in our guide are two of the best blenders that combine a heating element for hot spicy sauces and a common utensil for smoothies. freezing. While they won’t pass through the dishwasher due to the built-in heating element, they often have a self-cleaning setting that can reach even the toughest nooks and crannies of the pitcher and remove residue. Then all you have to do is rinse off the lather residue.

    Other things we love about the best kitchens are the clear layouts that allow you to keep an eye on the soup as you cook and mix, and the equipment to keep the soup warm after cooking so you can have your bowls ready right away. Finish. . .

    What are the best culinary elements?

    Drew and Cole's ingredients are ready to cook and mix, surrounded by red peppers and spices

    We’ve tried five of the best reels on the market, and the top ones are Ninja Foodi HB150UK Cooking and Blender. We were absolutely amazed at the soup it made, it was smooth and slippery and had a slow start.If you’re looking for a kitchen with see-through appliances, we’ll love it Morphy Richards Soup Maker. It has a clear Tritan flask and heats up very quickly.

    1. Ninja Foodi HB150UK Blender & Cooker

    Generally the best soup maker.

    Ninja Foodi HB150UK Blender and Soup Maker IH

    ability: 1.7 liters of cold water and 1.4 liters of hot water
    Base: ten
    feature: Concentrated soups, crushed ice, smoothies, crushed ice, etc.

    Reason to buy:

    • Grill settings
    • Self-cleaning
    • Separate dressing room
    • Manual cooking mode

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Cook only 3 soups

    We tested this pan to see how it pairs with a blender, and it’s one of the best we’ve tried. The kettle is made of sturdy glass and can withstand good heat even for long periods of time. The display shows a timer, and the blade can even chop and sauté onions and garlic before other ingredients are added.

    The raw space is especially good for fresh vegetables, and we were impressed with the smoothness of the buttermilk squash soup, especially when mixed raw with walnuts and half a carrot.

    The soup maker can make delicious sauces for pasta or sauces for your curries, but it would be nice if you could choose a model with a completely dedicated sauce space. The self-cleaning setting is so effective, it can also be used as a blender for smoothies and milkshakes, in case you were wondering.

    Ideal home, 5/5 stars

    Read our full Ninja Foodi Blender and Soup Maker review

    2. Professional Soup Chef at Drew and Cole

    Best soup maker for latecomers

    Drew and Cole Soup Chef Pro IH Approved

    ability: 1.6 liters
    Base: 3
    feature: bake, delayed start

    Reason to buy:

    • Grill settings
    • Memo function (great for adding ingredients)
    • Startup delay up to 12 hours
    • Just 20 minutes

    Reasons to avoid:

    • quite big

    Drew & Cole Soup Chef Pro is the chef for you if you want to come home and enjoy the fresh soup you made before you leave. Activation every 30 minutes is easily delayed up to 12 hours, and continuous cooking takes only 19 minutes. There’s also a Smooth+ setting for really velvety soups, but even with the regular setting we didn’t have any issues with lumpy or grainy ingredients. Everything was very silky and cooked the way we liked it.

    Another important advantage is the frying adjustment on the pan handle. You can use this function to sauté onions or garlic before adding the broth and starting to mix. For the quality of the design, we think it’s also a good price.

    Ideal home, 5/5 stars

    3. Morphy Richards Clarity Soup Maker

    The best soup cookers have a clear pitcher.

    Approved by Morphy Richards Clarity Soup Maker IH

    ability: 1.6 liters
    Base: 3
    feature: Clear Tritan bottle for easy control
    vitality: 1000 watts

    Reason to buy:

    • Observe when the soup is cooked
    • Fast food within 21 minutes
    • Powerful self-cleaning function
    Warm function

    Reasons to avoid:

    • not working at the highest level

    Morphy Richards Clarity Soup Maker warns that ingredients stick to the bottom when cooking, but we don’t have this problem when making soups. Out of the box, easy to assemble. We were surprised to find that this vase is not made of glass, but feels more like plastic. In fact, it’s tri-titanium, which is a very strong yet lightweight material and is BPA free.

    The soft cook setting takes just 22 minutes, which means you can cook soup and prepare bowls in the same lunch break. Cooks quickly, with ingredients boiling within five minutes of starting to cook. The controls on the top are easy to use, and one is smooth, thick, smooth and clean. The quality of the mix is ​​very good and it also has a keep warm function that keeps our soup perfectly drinkable after mixing.

    Ideal home, 5/5 stars

    4. Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker

    The best quality soup maker.

    Lakeland Soup Maker Approved

    ability: 1.75-2 liters
    Base: 4
    feature: Self-cleaning, can also crush ice
    vitality: 1000 watts

    Reason to buy:

    • Clear Tritan bottle
    • Easy-to-use controls
    • Include recipes
    • Quick cooking

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Expensive options that don’t fit over the counter

    The Lakeland Touchscreen Soup & Smoothie Maker is our top pick to try. It does come at a price, though, so it’s a good investment if you drink a lot of soup.

    Thanks to its modern design and whisk-style bowl, it has plenty of room for smooth, thick soups, as well as sauces and even frozen drinks. We really like the dashboard, it makes the process easier, and the timer helps to know when more is needed. Thanks to the removable lid, we were able to add the cream to the tomato soup at the beginning of the mix. You can also stir without heat when the soup is done if you want an extra smooth result. The automatic cleaning function is also effective.

    Dream Home is 4.5/5 stars

    5. Soup Master Jury

    Best Gaiwan for Premium Features

    soup machine judge

    ability: 1.2 liters
    Base: 6
    feature: Eggs can be steamed and reheated.

    Reason to buy:

    • Heats up very fast
    • easy to pour
    Including egg cooker
    Removable cover on lid

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Power is lower than some
    • The cover is very strict

    The Judge Soup Maker has a capacity of 1.7 liters, but if you’re making soup, it only needs 1.2 liters. We noticed that it heats up very quickly, and since the container is plastic and transparent, you can watch the soup as it cooks.

    We love that the powerful blend modes allow us to get very smooth soups, and because it has a classic Blender-style layout, you can also use Judge Soup Maker to make cold drinks. The removable lid allows you to add ingredients while cooking, but we found it difficult to lock into place at times.

    Ideal home, 4/5 stars

    6. Healthy Homemade Electric Salt Soup

    Most Valuable Soup Pot

    Salter Electric Homemade Healthy Soup

    ability: 1.3-1.6 liters
    Base: two
    feature: Self-cleaning blender button

    Reason to buy:

    • Economical options
    • Heat resistant handle
    simple control

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Some components burned out

    The Salter Cooker is the most affordable option in our guide, and a solid choice for making puree or slippery soups. You’ll be warned that the toppings may burn on the bottom before you use them, a good solution to this is to add oil to prevent sticking, but we still found our grills to be a little slow. Finally flammable.

    There are two cooking spaces: smooth, rough and mixed or self-cleaning. Self-cleaning mode is very effective in removing deposits from mixed steel. We also like to use the blender setting to add extra flavor to soups we want smoother.

    Ideal home, 4/5 stars

    How We Tested the Best Soup Makers

    This pot can be used to make a variety of soups, from thick, smooth, and even gazpahot. When we test the best soups, we create different recipes to make sure they all make the toughest soups. Some classic dishes, like squash or leeks and potatoes, blend easily into a velvety smooth soup, while others, like split pea soup or broccoli and stilton soup, need to be thoroughly cooked and blended to get the desired Element.

    We also made a lot of tomato soup with tomatoes and red peppers to see if the skins were difficult to cook and mix, even though we were using the same recipe, it was amazing how to see the nuances that appeared (or sometimes not) in different When testing between soup makers.

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