Best pod coffee machine 2022: espresso with the touch of a button

Around £50-80 will guarantee you an entry-level pod coffee machine, but the most important thing is the system you buy. None of them are compatible with the others, so check the price of the pillow when looking for a coffee maker.

When using more than 100 pounds, you can froth and heat the milk in a separate device or with a stick. High-end phone cases can cost upwards of £400 due to extra features, stronger construction and eye-catching features.

The best coffee machines of 2022

1. Lavazza A Modo Mio Deséa

Generally the best capsule coffee maker.

Best Coffee - Lavazza

type: Lavazza
ability: 1.1 L
size: D50.3 x W18.8 x H35.2 cm
Reason to buy:

• very comfortable to use
• Appropriately sized water tank
• Includes durable dishwasher safe cup
• No splash

Reasons to avoid:

• Not a single letter!

Love cappuccinos but hate the mess and cleanup involved in frothing and pouring hot milk froth? Then Deséa is your capsule coffee machine.

The 1.1 liter water tank is compact yet decently sized, compatible with the brand’s eco-friendly compost bins, and comes with a dishwasher safe glass that can be used as a bowl and foam cup.

This means you can fill a cup with milk, pump it into the machine, add a tablet, and the machine will take care of the rest, making a latte or cappuccino at the touch of a button. No spills or splashes – you can walk away and come back to find your drink.

Deséa is not only convenient, but has more options than your average coffee maker. For example, it has a button to add foam, raise the coffee temperature and a cleaning cycle, so your first drink is always as good as your last.

Its five milk programs include hot and cold foam for making hot chocolate or milkshakes, as well as a choice of espresso, long espresso, long coffee and free cups for those who prefer their drink.

The last thing I love about it is how quiet it is in use: only 43 decibels during coffee delivery. Probably the only downsides to watch out for are that the pod handling isn’t automatic, so you still have to remember to lift the lever on the end to put the pods in the stationary container, and the foam booster isn’t great for large amounts of milk. because it overflows.

Ideal Home Rating: 5/5 stars

2. Grind a coffee machine

The best durable coffee maker.

One Pod Coffee Grinder

type: Compatible with Nespresso
ability: 1.2 liters
size: 39.2 x 30.4 x 22.4 cm
Reason to buy:

• Durable metal construction
• Adjustable coffee length
• Simple (and fun) controls

Reasons to avoid:

• Outer surface is easy to trace

Sustainability isn’t something we often associate with pod machines, but the Grind One coffee machine was designed with that in mind. Produced in Stockholm in collaboration with Sjöstrand, it’s designed to be an antidote to plastic bag coffee pots, with a real metal frame that feels durable and won’t end up in landfills. Grinds are also made in plastic-free, compostable packaging, but with all the convenience of a regular coffee pad.

At 22cm wide, it’s ideal for any kitchen, but it’s not the smallest coffee maker in our guide. Just steps away from Tassimo and Lavazza options, the Grind One features a simple, blocky design. However, the metal case is stylish and features the classic Grind logo on the front, which perfectly matches the Grind coffee can.

It has two coffee preset lengths, but Grind One lets you adjust the length of these presets at the touch of a button, perfect for those who prefer longer drinks. You can buy or not buy the right blender. Or check out our other picks for the best whipped cream for more options.

Ideal Home Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

3. Lavazza’s voice

The best smart capsule coffee maker

type: Lavazza
ability: 1.1 L
size: 44×21.5x35cm
Reason to buy:

• he is very smart
• Very easy to use
• Can be controlled via app or voice control

Reasons to avoid:

• You need an app to get the most out of it

Lavazza Voicy combines the best capsule coffee maker with the best smart speaker. It’s the latest in Lavazza’s A Modo Mio range and comes with a box of different coffee-flavored pods to help you taste and decide which coffee is right for you. We think they all taste great, and even if you have to take them somewhere, they can be brewed as part of an eco-friendly system.

You can ask Alexa to make you coffee, a long latte, hot coffee, or your favorite coffee (you can choose using the Lavazza app). While there are only two coffee preset buttons, you can use the app to change the type of coffee they make. This adjusts for the length of the stew, and we found that the rind was really effective enough to make a nice, full-bodied Americano.

Yes, it’s an expensive option, but we found everything in Voice to be very high-quality. Of course, you’ll need to add a pod and mug before using Alexa, but it’s still handy to use the built-in speaker to play music, tell the weather, or even make jokes.

Ideal Home Rating: 5/5 stars

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4. Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The Best Capsule Coffee Makers for Everyday Luxury

The best coffee - Nespresso-vertuo-plus

type: Nespresso
ability: 1.1 L
size: L14 x W38 x H32cm
Reason to buy:

• Good coffee but not too expensive
• Elegant design
• Quick brew coffee

Reasons to avoid:

• in terms of noise

If you’re one of those people who opts for shabby sheets, bone china on the table and beautiful scented candles, the VertuoPlus is the coffee maker for you.

The reason is simple: this little snack is served every day, in this case, a rich, aromatic latte topped with whipped cream that feels more like a dessert than a drink.

From the tablet compartment (which opens automatically with a tap and closes with the same function) to the thick chrome cup holder that can be placed at four heights, it feels smooth even in use so you can place tall cups and slightly smaller cup.

There is only one button on the top that can be used as an on/off button, tunnel or run a deep cleaning program. There is a machine-readable barcode on the edge of each capsule, so you don’t even have to adjust the amount of espresso or drink for a long time (there are five drink sizes, each adjustable from 10 to 500 ml).

When you’re done simmering, simply open the casing holder and the used pad will slide back and fall into the used casing behind.

When the brew is a bit noisy and swirling, it takes less than a minute to brew a 230ml cup and about 30 seconds to brew a 150ml cup. Also, if you like to add frothy milk to your frothy beverages, you should buy the Aeroccino3 because the VertuoPlus is a pure coffee machine. Also, none of its parts are machine washable.

However, the VertuoPlus is an elegant solution for those rich river mugs, crisp espressos and juicy lungs that are as entertaining as they are for everyday use.

Ideal Home Rating: 5/5 stars

5. Bosch Tassimo My Way 2

The Best Capsule Coffee Makers With Custom Features

Bosch Tassimo My Way 2

type: Tasimo
ability: 1.3 liters
size: 15.5″ x 12.5″ x 10.5″
Reason to buy:

• Wide selection of coffee
• Prepare milk drinks or even hot chocolate
• Quick installation
• Self-cleaning mode

Reasons to avoid:

• low pressure

Choose from three different intensities (from drinking to getting up, think about them throughout the day), three different volumes and even three temperatures – perfect for drink lovers Bosch Tassimo My Way 2 is very hot.

To make getting your ideal Americano even easier, it saves up to four individual settings so you don’t have to constantly reset the machine just the way you want. Of course, this is Tassimo, so it can also make tea, cocoa and many other drinks, which is perfect for busy families who like to be different.

If you’ve used Tassimo before, you know these are barcodes. Each T-plate is placed on the My Way so you can read and dispense the right amount of water under pressure when you need it (for example, to keep espresso for less time).

Its heating time is almost instant (no waiting for heat lock means it starts in 10 seconds) and its Flow Heater can continue drinking after drinking without pausing to recover. It doesn’t froth milk but serves ice cream or fusion dishes, but may not be for everyone.

The last reason to love it is that it requires little maintenance. It’s self-cleaning so your coffee always tastes great, and its parts are machine washable.

Ideal Home Rating: 5/5 stars

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6. Lavazza A Mode Mio Jolie

The best capsule coffee maker with compact and elegant features

type: Lavazza
ability: 0.6 liters
size: 33×12.4x21cm
Reason to buy:

• Compact and elegant design
• Automatic shutdown
• Just one convenient button

Reasons to avoid:

• Make sure the boom is raised

The movements made by Lavazza are of a very high quality, so the Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie for under £50 is a great option. Might be easier to use.

This coffee maker is so compact that it’s perfect for offices, small kitchens, or even as a backup when you want a quick brew. It is compatible with the entire A Modo Mio range of coffee capsules, so even if you can only enjoy a long cup of coffee, it is still available in a variety of flavors. The machine also automatically runs a second cycle when the first cycle is complete, so you can spread the coffee by refilling it. However, don’t forget to lift the lever, or it will continue until the automatic shutdown begins.

Ideal Home Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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7. Sage Nespresso Creatista One

The Best Pod Coffee Makers for Latecomers

type: Nespresso
ability: 1.5 liters
size: K30.8 x L17.1 x S39.3cm
Reason to buy:

• Contains all the charm of a traditional coffee machine
• Use the steam wand to make milk drinks
• Really strong

Reasons to avoid:

• really expensive

The Sage Nespresso Creatista Uno uses high-quality recycled Nespresso parts to make great-tasting espresso, but if you want a cappuccino, you don’t need to buy a separate coffee maker. It has a built-in blender and comes with a kettle for direct cooking.

This machine heats up in just three seconds and produces a truly professional coffee with a pressure of 19 bar. There are three drink sizes; Petite ristretto (25 ml), Classic Espresso (40 ml) and the longest Lungo (110 ml).

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