Best Gifts for a 13 Year Old Boy

If you are looking for the best gifts for 13 year olds are we here to help Or are you 13 and looking for inspiration or ideas for your wish list? This list has many ideas, peers and adults. And if you have an idea to share, we’d appreciate it if you leave it in the comments section.

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Gifts for a 13 year old.

A thirteen-year-old boy is on the way to maturity, some super mature, some less so (both perfectly normal and cool), his personality already strong, and his interests largely settled.

What gifts would a 13 year old boy want?

Sorry, there is no single answer here! If you’re looking for a gift for your child or a close friend, chances are you’ve already said, or at least hinted at, what you want. When choosing your gift, the most important thing is to give them something that goes well with their character. They like video games and hate sports (example cliche, we know), so buying them a soccer ball is a waste of money.

Some “surefire” gifts for a 13-year-old boy

cash or gift cards

While these aren’t the most personal or clever gift options, if you really don’t know what to get them, at least give them a chance to get something they really want for themselves. Whether it’s an Amazon gift card, a gift card for a local business, or just cash.

A unique way to donate money

Pod Cryptex Puzzle – jigsaw puzzle and piggy bank

Starbucks gift card

Always welcome, because treats seem to be all the rage. And who doesn’t love a delicious decaffeinated dessert!


Starbucks gift cardCHECK THE PRICE

clothes and shoes

Chances are she has a well defined style at this age so it might be a good idea to get her some clothes to add to her wardrobe. But only if you really know what he likes to wear. The same applies to shoes.

Some of the most popular brands are

  • Nike
  • forever 21
  • american eagle

personal hygiene products

Goodbye between Hello Teen! A nice-smelling deodorant and acne cream (or other acne product) can go a long way, especially if the guy you’re giving it to also has acne problems.

Gadgets, electronics and accessories

You’ll be hard pressed to find a young (or older) teen who doesn’t want braces for themselves. If you don’t already have a phone, now might be the time to buy one.

Ideas for parents giving their child a gift

  • iPhone or other smartphone
  • iPads or other tablets
  • Laptop
  • MP3 player
  • speaker
  • listeners

Ideas for friends / girlfriend

  • a cute phone case (with your favorite team, band, quote, movie characters…)

For video game lovers

If this 13 year old loves video games, this is the gift for him! But only if you know where he plays and what games he likes: some like PC games, some play Xbox, some like retro games (etc.) and some like everything. Then there are also the game genres to consider.

Some of the Hot New Game Titles (Available on Most Platforms)

New accessories are also welcome, maybe you need a new game controller or a great new mouse for your computer?

razor blade

A precise mouse makes all the differenceCHECK THE PRICE

Video games and technology make great gifts for geeks, but here are some additional suggestions

  • Comic merchandise: t-shirts, mugs, posters.
  • Anime (characters, manga comics)
  • any star wars
  • Cooperative board games (start a mission with friends) or competitive: a game we love is 7 Wonders
  • Cool scientific gadgets

Something for your free time and hobbies.

A good book or two

If you have a reader at home, a book is always welcome! There are many interesting shows that 13-year-olds will love. If you like reading, great!

There are many great books for this age group so we have put together a full list of great books for 13 year olds which you can check out here.

experience gifts

  • class to learn a new skill
  • Flight in hot air balloon
  • family outing
  • Friends can plan a themed birthday party: a movie night, a visit to the sports game…

digital camera or webcam

Leaving a digital footprint is important these days, whether it’s sharing photos with your friends or creating your own YouTube channel to share your experience, talent, knowledge or just because.


A webcam if they aspire to be YouTubersCHECK THE PRICE

Gifts for a 13 year old music fan

If music is your life, these are the things you might enjoy

  • a new pair of speakers
  • an electric guitar
  • Mixer if you like electronic music
  • Music lessons if you don’t play an instrument but have expressed an interest
  • musical memories
  • iTunes gift card
  • iPod
  • Concert tickets for your favorite band or musician

sports enthusiast?

Which sports do you like? Sports equipment is always a good gift. If they’re more fans than athletes, then anything wearing the colors of their favorite team. The accessories are also a plus!

  • a t-shirt with the logo of your favorite sports team
  • a new ball for the sport they practice
  • sportswear
  • Ticket for a game
  • Sports memorabilia: a signed ball, a card…
  • new trainers
  • a new skate for skaters

Gift for a 13 year old who is creative?

Many teenagers are very creative, some like to draw, some like to paint or express themselves through other art forms.

  • art supplies
  • Art books – Instructions for different techniques – Many children like to draw with pencil


Simplified drawing bookCHECK THE PRICE

something for your room

His room, his rules… More or less… Sometimes.

  • posters
  • new bedding
  • carpet
  • new chair
  • a good watch

Ready! Lots of gift ideas for 13 year olds. Of course we’d love to add more, so if you’re thirteen be sure to leave a comment with what’s on your wish list this year.

Gifts for a 13 year old.

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