Best Gifts for a 12 Year Old Girl

If you are looking for good ideas for Gifts for a 12 year old girl (daughter, girlfriend, sister…) you will find it here! Even if you’re 12 and looking for inspiration and ideas on what to add to your wish list, I bet you’ll find something here.

If you need something for an older girl, check out this list of gifts for 13 year olds too!

The best gifts for a 12 year old girl.

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12 year old girls can be quite difficult to find as this age is “stuck in the middle”. While some may still enjoy some of the toys, others will frown on the idea of ​​receiving a toy.

What gifts would a 12 year old girl want?

Well, the best way to find out is to just ask him what he wants. It could save you a lot of trouble and you can get the perfect gift.

Of course, she will most likely say she doesn’t know or will want something that’s completely outside of her desired price range.

If you can’t ask now or didn’t get a clear answer, this list will help you.

Our top 5 picks

A gift you can’t go wrong with

cash or gift cards

Yes! That is. While money and gift cards are far from personal, they mostly work.

By giving one or the other, you allow the girl to get what she wants for herself.

Good options for gift cards are

  • iTunes gift card
  • amazon gift card
  • Gift card for your favorite clothing stores
  • If you are a friend buying a gift for a friend, a plush toy is a kind of consistent choice

The great thing about both of these gifts is that they go well with all types of teenagers whether they are geek, jock, tomboy, diva, girly girl, hip, music or anything else because you can advance that money to buy something. she really likes it a lot!

How much? We leave that to you!

The most sought-after gifts for a 12-year-old girl

clothes and shoes

You love to dress up, but dress carefully, the chances of you getting something you actually like are a lot less than something you hate (and have to pretend you like it and never wear).

If you’re okay with her style, don’t hesitate to buy her clothes (everyone needs them), otherwise your best bet is to go to one of her favorite clothing stores with a gift card.

jewelry and accessories

Most girls wear jewelry of all kinds, be it a cute charm bracelet or a mesh bracelet.

Scarves, bags, pins… these are all fun gifts that suit your style.

Personal care products, perfumes, makeup, hair products…

bodywork Listen

This is another pretty safe gift idea for a 12 year old girl.
makeup (if parents allow) and if you wear it

  • nail polish
  • lip balm, lip gloss

Lip Balm Set


personal care products

  • hand cream
  • body lotion
  • Spa Gift Basket
  • Acne and skin care products, which unfortunately can be in full swing at this age


  • a scent that is not too intense should suffice

nail studio


Electronics, Gadgets and Accessories

Yes, you guessed it, these are all big hits with tweens – most of your friends in that age range already have phones and other gadgets, so you might want to consider that.

Here are some ideas about the “relationships” with the girl

Parents and in-laws:

  • smartwatch
  • Tablet: iPad, Kindle Fire, …
  • Laptop
  • Advancement
  • all other gifts listed below

Grandparents and other family members:

  • High-end headphones because music is becoming more and more important to them
  • Digital camera or if you have a good lens that can be connected to a smartphone to take pictures
  • any other suggestions below

friends, colleagues:

  • a nice case for your phone, tablet, …
  • funny low-end headphones
  • iTunes Card ($10, $20…) so they can fill their device with great music

Simple and fun gifts that 12-year-old girls will love!

Simple and brilliant gift ideas for 12 year old girls.

1st Lucky Jackson Queen of Awesomeness mug

2. Giraffe Bookends

3. Jelly bean maker

4. Impressive post-its

A good book if you like to read.

Books make wonderful gifts, especially if the person loves to read!

For reference, these are some of the books that are currently trending among teenagers.

      • James Dashner’s Labyrinth
      • Percy Jackson and the Olympians Rick Riordan and John Rocco
      • Paper Towns by John Green

Percy Jackson and the Olympians


For the girl who loves movies.

  • DVD (or Blu-ay)
  • Tickets to the movie for the whole family to see (or let them go with their friends)
  • Movie memorabilia: current movie posters, themed jewellery, bedroom decorations, books…

Something for 12 year olds who love music.

Music becomes more important to them every year; Now that they know what they like (today One Direction seems to be the band), that doesn’t mean all tweens will be happy to get involved. Group).

  • You can still play it safe and get them an iTunes card so they can get the music they love.
  • new headphones are enough
  • Musical Memorabilia: If you know you’re crazy about a band or a singer, why not give them a book, a bracelet, or anything else related to that band? Get an autograph and you’re spot on.
  • Do you like to sing? Why not take singing lessons to improve your talent?
  • or maybe a guitar lesson (or any other instrument) – these all make wonderful gifts for a 12 year old

For the creative spirit

Encourage their creativity, you can get them all kinds of arts and crafts supplies.

creative pack


For the sports-loving teenager

If you are looking for gifts for a 12 year old girl who loves sports, these are some of the ideas she might like;

      • a new ball
      • a range of fashionable sportswear
      • new trainers
      • Ticket to see a game
      • Sports memorabilia: a signed ball, a card…
      • sports shoes
      • cold water bottle to keep them hydrated

for the environmentalist

Eco-friendly gifts are great for many reasons, and one she’ll really appreciate. You can get recycled clothes and all sorts of cool stuff made from recycled materials. If you have a Fairtrade shop in your town, you will also find many great gifts.

Gift ideas for a video game enthusiast

Video games are in fashion! Geek is the new thing these days and I’ve always been a fan of video games. You can get him some of the latest titles you’ve probably heard about, and with video games becoming more popular, you can now easily purchase gaming memorabilia. How does a stuffed animal of your favorite character sound? not funny!

Does she ask for a game console? It’s a great gift. Otherwise, you can always choose a popular game title!

Some Geek Picks and Stuff for the “Tomboys”

I just have to say it (again): I really don’t like the word “tomboy”, they should find a better word to describe the cool factor that goes with it, ha.

Starting with a geeky suggestion, how cool is this mug?

Legendary Hero Cup


  • Accessories that go well with her style, if she’s a geek and loves all things superhero, why not buy her some superhero tights?
  • a good watch
  • if you like sports, a t-shirt of your favorite team is good for you, a hoodie is also great
  • remote controlled helicopter or drone

classes! Let them learn a life skill – these make great gifts for a 12 year old!

      • music lessons
      • cooking class
      • Horseback riding, ski lessons
      • a trip and stay (under adult supervision) in another city or even in a country.
      • Art lessons

something for your room

      • Furniture: Poufs are great
      • new bedding
      • mural
      • Doorbell (I have to smile at this bell, but I think it’s great)
      • a new lamp

That! I hope you enjoyed this list of gifts for a 12 year old girl and found something to buy or to add to your wish list!

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