Best Black Dog Names

Black dogs are a special group, from the classic black Labrador Retriever to the showy Great Dane, the Schnauzer, the Portuguese Water Dog, or any adorable mongrel who got the genes for the dark coat. So how do you come up with a good name for your new black dog? Consider height, looks and personality. This listing has options for every dog, from a beautiful Luna to a strong Onyx. We selected these options from our huge database of dog names on

15 Most Popular Black Dog Names

  1. Wear
  2. wake up
  3. pepper
  4. researcher
  5. new star
  6. olive
  7. Dakota
  8. Poppy
  9. Heaven
  10. Bean
  11. arya
  12. Hershey
  13. Guinness
  14. midnight
  15. opal
  16. darcy

best names for black dogs

Many of them are gender neutral. For example, a black female can easily outgrow Ash, while a black male can have Raven.

  1. Adrian
  2. Amaya (night rain in Japanese)
  3. Angus
  4. anise
  5. Artemis (the moon goddess)
  6. ashes (ashes)
  7. astro
  8. Athena
  9. bamboo
  10. Bartholomew (Beard)
  11. Black Beauty (perhaps for a show dog)
  12. Blackberry (or just berry)
  13. black cat
  14. Blake
  15. boomers
  16. Bran (means raven)
  17. Brena / Brena
  18. Bruno
  19. Advancement
  20. Heavenly
  21. hunt
  22. cocoa
  23. Cola (as in Coca-Cola or Pepsi)
  24. colby
  25. Cole (charcoal)
  26. Corbin
  27. cosmos
  28. dahlia
  29. Darth (after all, Darth Vader ends up being good)
  30. Dashiel (screenplay)
  31. Delaney
  32. Denali
  33. Deva (Hindu moon goddess)
  34. domino
  35. dune
  36. Duncan
  37. ebony
  38. darkness
  39. Elvira
  40. emery
  41. espresso
  42. Eva (late, Evie)
  43. flint
  44. indigo
  45. Jett/Jetta
  46. keira
  47. kieran
  48. kodiak
  49. Kuro (black in Japanese)
  50. Kylo (from the latest War of stars)
  51. Leila/Layla (meaning “night”)
  52. Legend
  53. liquorice
  54. Luna (moon in Spanish)
  55. lira
  56. dissident
  57. Nash (a star in Sagittarius)
  58. Nerissa
  59. Nisha (night in Sanskrit)
  60. Black
  61. nyx
  62. onyx
  63. Ophelia
  64. Oreo (ideal for a black and white dog)
  65. Orion
  66. Orpheus
  67. Oso (Spanish for bear)
  68. Panthers
  69. pearl (as in a black pearl)
  70. Persephone (Persia)
  71. rain rainy)
  72. Raven (not to be confused with a raven!)
  73. saber
  74. selena
  75. Selkie (Seal Woman of Gaelic Legend)
  76. The shade
  77. Smoked
  78. Starling (a black bird)
  79. storm (stormy)
  80. Sullivan (Sulley)
  81. thunder
  82. Turtle (Fun Fact: kind of black bean)
  83. Tynan
  84. velvet
  85. vespers
  86. Wednesday (as in Addams)
  87. path
  88. wilder
  89. Yukon

Do black dogs need a theme name?

Sure, a black dog named Shadow, Moon, or Sable is very cute. But you don’t have to go that route. Some of the names on Rover’s list are inspired by your dog’s color, but not all! You don’t have to name your new pup unrelated to his coat if you don’t want to.

Here are some other considerations when choosing a name for your new black dog.

Proper names for dogs

Do you like the sound of a human baby name on a puppy? If yes, you are not alone. In the past, most of us agreed on a good name for a dog. Fido, Rex, Lady – we expected generic options. Now, however, you’re more likely to hear human names in dogs.

Our data shows that dog owners are increasingly using human names for their pets every year. This reflects the broader cultural trend that sees dogs as full members of the family that deserve a special place in our homes and hearts. Our love for dogs runs deep.

Tips for naming a dog

If you’re having trouble deciding, remember that a good black dog name can come from many different sources of inspiration, such as: Your favorite food, books, celebrities, heritage, or even dog breed history. For example, a black Labrador pup might have a water-inspired name like River, while a Latin pedigree dog might have a cute name like Chico.

Another consideration when choosing your dog’s name? dog training. This is especially important for puppies. When teaching your new dog to respond to commands like “sit,” “stay,” or “come,” make sure his name doesn’t cause confusion. In other words, avoid puppy names that sound like a common dog training cue, like “bit” that could easily be misconstrued as “sit.”

Of course, the most important thing is that the name of the dog you have chosen rolls off your tongue. The best names will make you happy. We’re fans of the “back door test” for choosing dog names. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: stand by the back door and call out your potential new dog’s name. Say “Domino, it’s dinner time!” or “Vega, leave it!” Help take the name out of your imagination and make it a reality.

Once you’ve found the perfect name, you can show off the new name and protect your dark haired pet with customizable reflective or sparkly collars, leashes and harnesses. This beautiful black coat can be difficult to see in low light!

The essential

Good luck, have fun, and be sure to check out our other dog name coverage. As dog lovers here at Rover, we find dog names absolutely fascinating and love scouring our data on the subject to discover the latest trends, quirky options and unique twists on classics. Over the years we have compiled many names for you and update our lists with new data every year.

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