Bear Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

When it comes to woodland animals, none quite like the bear and these printable bear coloring pages aim to capture just that. You will find many cute bears as well as realistic bear coloring pages for your kids to color.

Bear coloring pages to print

Have fun in the fall season by coloring one of the giant animals found in forests and other environments. Grab your pens and print off our collection of 30 bear coloring pages.

We hope your students will enjoy coloring them all.

To start, you can print ten printable bear coloring pages for free. They are suitable for both small and bigger children as you can choose between the simplest designs and the most detailed designs.

The set combines perfectly with another fantastic collection of autumn coloring pages, and after that, kids can learn how to draw a bear in just nine easy-to-follow steps.

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bear waves

Have you ever seen a bear waving? Here it is standing on its hind legs waving at us, and we think it would love some color. Have fun!

bear coloring

It looks like this bear heard a funny joke because he smiles a lot. Color in the bear and the word with your favorite pencils or other coloring materials.

Bear holding a ball

Bears like to party too, and maybe this one got the balloon for their birthday. Who knows. We think it will look fabulous after your kids color the whole page; You can use bright colors for the background or color it as you like.

bear coloring

These giant forest animals are so big it’s hard to imagine them. Brown bears love to eat berries, flowers, acorns and many other foods. Let’s color and enjoy this majestic animal.

cute forest animal

What an adorable teddy bear! It looks like this one sits in a little pocket to keep it warm. Run your animated crayons and color this bear coloring sheet.

Baby bear coloring pages

Bears like to make themselves comfortable and always prepare their den very well. This bear decided to sit on a little rug and we think he’s happy. Have fun coloring!

wear in nature

The forest is so magical with all the different animals living there. And when bears wake up from their hibernation, they need to stretch, forage, and explore their surroundings. This bear is spending the day in his den and is still a little sleepy. Color the whole page!

Color bear and flowers

What’s cuter than a bear holding flowers? We love how happy this little forest animal is with his big bouquet. Maybe he picked the flowers for his mother. Make this page as colorful as you like.

Realistic bear coloring page

What a majestic sight! A giant bear sits on a fallen tree. Maybe you’re resting after a long walk because we know bears can walk for miles in search of food.

big Bear

This bear coloring sheet is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers. Students will have no problem coloring the bear’s head with large, wide areas like this one.

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Grab the complete set and color in all 30 bear coloring pages that can only be found in our members library.

sitting bear

We have another bear sitting. Look how chubby this one looks – our friend might have found some yummy berries and sweet honey too. Let your kids use their favorite crayons and have fun.

Realistic bear coloring page

All animals love to play, especially the cubs, and these two bears are having a great time! They jump and have fun near the small stream. Get these painting supplies and color the whole sheet.

honey bear

This bear is a bit creepy, but we bet he’s very happy to get the pot of honey he’s been looking for. Have fun coloring the “devil” bear with your markers.

Easy bear coloring pages

We bet your preschoolers will love coloring this grizzly bear. Of course, you can color the bear however you like, because coloring is fun.

happy forest animals

Bears live in many places and this one came from the forest – color the mountains in the background and the bear with a hat any color you want.

stupid bear

We love to see the animals of the forest happy and smiling and this color is one of those that makes us smile too. Grab your colored markers and start coloring!

under the umbrella

A rainy day doesn’t bother a bear with an umbrella. Make this adorable woodland animal stand out by coloring the background as well.

explore the forest

They love to explore their surroundings and can smell from a great distance. Bears are such fascinating animals; we love her. Have fun and color your bear.

Cute bear coloring page

We have another adorable bear waving at us. Have fun using your crayons, markers, crayons or other coloring supplies to color this page.

take a nap

After a long day, bears need a well-deserved rest. He just lay down on soft grass and is said to be dreaming of the adventures ahead.


Could it be a polar bear? If you feel like you can color it light grey, but if you think this bear should be brown, black or any other color, you should color it that way.

Sweet Dreams

Have fun coloring this sleeping bear on the moon surrounded by stars and clouds. Sleep well, little friend.

mustache bear

Here we have a baseball fanatic – this bear looks so funny with those whiskers – dye his jersey, hat and ball your favorite colors.

eat honey

You know, bears like to sweeten their day with honey. You can’t get enough. Color this happy bear with your best art supplies.

Bear coloring pages

As we know, bears love to roam far and they can run fast too! This bear is waiting to be colored after a long walk. Have fun with your best markers.

Huge forest animals coloring sheet

What a giant bear! We love bears and we love everything about them. Let’s have fun and color this giant forest animal.

Bear waves happily

Print out another easy bear coloring page – we know your younger kids will love using their crayons to color in. Enjoy!

Enjoy the honey jar

Finding a honeypot is no easy task, but it is possible if you try hard enough. We think this bear has already drunk some of it and we bet our furry friend will munch on some more sweet honey.

Sunny day

What could be nicer than going for a walk in the forest on a beautiful sunny day? Let your kids color the whole leaf: the grass, the bushes, the tree, the sun and of course the bear!

sleep in a tree

These cute woodland creatures are great climbers and sometimes take a little nap wherever they are. This one fell asleep on a long branch enjoying the breeze of the wind. Have fun coloring the whole sheet!

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bear coloring

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