Be inspired by this homeowners DIY panelled hallway transformation

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  • Now, in much of the country, friends and family can’t get out of the front door, so a stylish hallway is a must. If you can make a fir tree, get inspired by this DIY plank hallway.

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    The boy’s father and chef Russell Tomlin transformed their small hallway with wall paneling. By doing all the work himself, he made the change with just 128 cougars.

    “I bought the house a year ago and wanted to make it my own,” Russell told savings community “I used Houzz and Pinterest to get some ideas and found a tiled hallway.”

    Transform Your Own Tile Hallway

    “I decided I wanted it – it was a really small entryway and I wanted it to feel bigger, which was a great approach.”

    Russell ordered all B&Q materials using the tools he already had at home. He cuts the wood to fit the car, but uses a table saw to cut it all down to home size.

    “Measuring everything is the hardest, especially from different angles of the stairs,” he explained.

    “The process starts at the top and works your way up. It’s going to be more work, but you know you’re going to do it easily and directly at that point.”

    Russell cut and fastened the top panel first and made sure everything was level and straight. He then used a table saw to cut the back panel to the same size. Feel free to measure each one before securing them all with a square ruler.

    The way it works is by cutting the next long piece and pinning them together, then creating the bottom panel.

    “I cut the bottom three panels at a time because they can be different sizes due to uneven floors and walls,” explains Russell.

    He seals the edges with decorative chalk before painting.

    “The end result was well worth all the hard work – it took me about four days and the total cost of everything was £128.”

    “I’m very happy with it and I hope it even adds value to my home,” he added.

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