Ball Games for 1-2 Year Olds

Do you have a ball or two? Let’s play! Ball games for 1-2 year olds are great because they develop motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination (plus they’re super fun). Soft balls and beach balls are the best option as they are lightweight and very soft.


1. “Basketball, well, not in the traditional sense! Take a ball and a bucket, box, or jar big enough for a ball to easily fit in.
Teach your 1-year-old what to do with the ball: throw it in the bucket.
Give your child the ball and place the bucket right next to it, far enough away that they can’t put the ball in, but have to.
just pull a little. Now let him throw the ball in the bucket. The first “releases”
it will likely fail, but after a few tries they will get the hang of it and the smiles on their faces when they “nail” it will be invaluable. We played this game with an 11 month old!

2. Roll the Ball: This is a simple game that 1 year olds can master in seconds. You and your baby sit opposite each other and pass the ball (use your legs or various objects as barriers to avoid losing the ball).

3. Kick the ball: Once they master the art of running, it won’t be long before they master the art of kicking the ball (and what fun that comes with!). Be prepared for a series of kicks and misses (or falls).

4. “Throw the Ball”: A beach ball (or even a ball) is the way to go. Little kids love to throw objects (as you know) so they will enjoy this activity.


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