Audi R8 review


As it is inside?

Possibly the best supercar cabin ever. It’s spacious (discover the large shelf behind the seats, the roof protection, and the feeling of space from the far windshield) and yet intimate. It draws you in, draws your attention to the all-digital steering and dash to begin with, then teases your exterior view in details as beautifully crafted as the heating controls.

What is the best part?

What really stands out is the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials, even beyond a Porsche 911. The touch is masterful, the layout of the controls is superb, the operation of the controls is exactly like that. It’s a car you can spend a lot of time in, just pressing buttons and flipping switches. Cabin ? You may want a little more reach on the wheel, and we’d suggest avoiding the sportier seats, which are too upright and lightly padded for comfort.

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Somehow the R8 betrays its age with the lack of a touchscreen; the board looks almost bare without one. But you soon realize that having everything in front of you, with a rotary control on the center console and direct access buttons for things like navigation and radio, is much better than the setup that 99% of the manufacturers in the world are chasing. the present. Admittedly, it can be tedious at first. And it takes some getting used to writing zip codes on the touch-sensitive rotary dial cover. But much better than playing aimlessly on a screen while the ten reels do their thing.

It’s not as easy on the eyes as a McLaren Sports Series or 911, and it looks spacious, but it’s a design-driven cabin that works on almost every level. Just note that there isn’t much cargo space under the nose: the 112-litre area is limited by the presence of those front driveshafts, and an RWD doesn’t get a bigger boot, although it doesn’t have front driveshafts. Make up for it by exploiting this 226 liter rack.

No big changes lately?

The changes to the facelifted version are very modest: new silver and brown color combinations in the interior and the reversing camera now standard. You will need it, especially in tight parking lots. Audi’s virtual display remains the benchmark for readability and organization of information. And if you go RWD, you get a badge that proclaims how fearless you are on the board. Like those stickers you bought at the dentist, but much cooler.

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