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What is?

You’re looking at the latest generation of Audi’s seven-seater full-size SUV, which since its comprehensive facelift in 2020 has had bits of the Q8 big brother grafted on over and over again. So you get the huge elongated single-frame grille octagon that designates the current Audi family on the front, along with other ‘Q model hallmarks’ (no, neither do we), on the outside. Then you slide into a slightly longer car (11mm longer than the previous generation at 5063mm) to find all of Ingolstadt’s fancy dual-screen interior tech, as well as just updated engines and corporate specs.

It’s worth comparing the upgrades to the pre-2020 second-gen Q7, but Audi’s claim that the Q7 “redefines seven-seat luxury” pushes it a bit, especially since it can’t even have seven seats if you specify the add-on . hybrid powertrain (more on that later).

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How are the looks different from before?

Good question. Updates aren’t the easiest to spot initially. There’s that facelift, new front bumper side inlets, an added raised side skirt profile, and some rear tweaks. It’s a nice set of changes, but it all contributes to confusing the identity of the Audi model if you’re more than ten meters away.

What are my finishing options?

Au Royaume-Uni, you once you choose between the levels of finishing Sport, S-Line, Black Edition et Vorsprung haut de gamme, tous allongeant doucement la list des spécifications au fur et à mesure que vous montez votre portefeuille dans l’échelle des Reward. All UK variants have standard air suspension and Matrix LED headlights (excellent).

And what about the propulsion systems?

The engines range from a Q7 55 TFSI gasoline (338 hp) to a pair of diesels of the same format with two powers: the 45 TDI (229 hp) and the 50 TDI (284 hp). They are all V6s with a 3.0-litre capacity and all are paired with Audi’s 48-volt mild hybrid system that improves efficiency. That goes hand-in-hand with the only transmission option: an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic via quattro all-wheel drive.

Let’s also not forget about the 55 TFSI and plug-in hybrid. It’s actually the most powerful Q7 available today (not counting the 500hp+ V8-powered SQ7, of course) with the same 3.0-liter V6 petrol connected to an electric motor and a 14.4-litre lithium battery. kWh for a total of 376 hp. .

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As ever with Audi, there are other Q7 options on the way if you’re feeling comfortable, but the ‘Vorsprung’ spec (around £83,000 as an ‘entry-level’ 45 TDI) is going to great lengths to put it all together. in a convenient Q basket. Interestingly, the Black (£65k minimum) and Vorsprung editions have large wheels (21 and 22 inches, respectively) and lower air ‘sport’ suspension, though that’s why you’d want more ‘sport’ in a seven-seater SUV that weighs considerably more. two tons is beyond us. Smells a bit like marketing.

Our choice of the range.

Premium Audi Q7
45 TDI Quattro S Line 5 doors Tiptronic

What’s the verdict?

It’s not revolutionary, but the seven-seater makes a lot of sense… if you need that kind of thing.

As for being a well-appointed seven-seat SUV with real practical appeal if you regularly haul multiples, the Q7 ticks all the boxes. Although there is a reason to avoid PHEV immediately, the impracticality would be infuriating. The battery-less mild-hybrid versions that take up the two rear seats aren’t exactly revolutionary in terms of extracting interior space from a tight space (they’re over five meters long, after all), but there aren’t too many seven. -Seating options if you also want a lot of elegance to match your space.

With decent but not top-tier dynamics, competitive pricing, and super-premium interiors, the Q7 should definitely be in the mix if you need that sort of thing. We’d be pretty happy with the less powerful S Line-spec diesel and a few options if that was our money, mind you. Does anyone really need self-closing doors and nifty sports suspension in their family SUV?

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Premium Audi Q7Premium Audi Q7Premium Audi Q7

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