Audi e-tron review


What is?

It is a very conventional Audi. This is probably the first thing to notice about the e-tron. This is an electric car that isn’t looking to blur the lines or act radical, just to persuade regular SUV buyers to take the plunge. Audi calls this “clarity of concept.”

Is there any rival?

The Tesla Model X looks and feels deliberately different, the Jaguar I-Pace is part SUV, part hatchback, part crossover and part coupe, both thrown that way to make an impact and try to attract buyers from far and wide. They both need growth. But Audi, by championing high volume sales, has created a car that people will recognize and understand.

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Although similar in size, the bottom of the e-tron bears little resemblance to a Q7. It’s nothing new, but the MLB Evo platform has been heavily adapted to support both this and the upcoming e-tron Sportback. There’s an electric motor on each axle, the rear slightly more powerful than the front for all-wheel drive when needed.

So is the e-tron a sign of things to come, then?

Other electric platforms are in preparation at Audi. The upcoming RS e-tron GT is based on Porsche’s Taycan, while Audi and Porsche are working together on an entirely new electric platform known as PPE. This will form the basis for the VW Group’s larger cars (possibly including Bentley), while VW’s own MEB platform will be present for its ID models.

Enough about the industry. The e-tron is available in various versions. The e-tron 55 (402 hp, up to 252 miles range) was the first. There is now a cheaper e-tron 50 with less power and a smaller battery (309 hp, up to 195 mile range), as well as a tri-motor e-tron S (496 hp, 223 mile range).

Horn. An elegant kit proper?

The e-tron seats five (there’s no seven-seater option) and has a large 605-litre boot. Key equipment includes adaptive air suspension, LED headlights, 360-degree cameras, keyless entry, and charging points on both sides of the vehicle. Side cameras instead of mirrors are an option; Although both the Honda e and Lexus ES offer camera mirrors, the e-tron came first.

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Our choice of the range.

Audi etron review
300kW 55 Quattro 95kWh S Line 5 doors Automatic

What’s the verdict?

Are you looking to set a temporary foot in the future? It is the safest trampoline to date.

The family SUV, made electric. The Audi e-tron may lack imagination, it may not stand out from the crowd, but that’s the point. It’s a key part of the electric car tipping point, aiming to appeal to those who want an electric car but don’t want it to disrupt them. That goes for the vast majority of buyers, and the e-tron, while more expensive than an equivalent diesel SUV, is likely to find plenty of enthusiastic homes.

It is an easy car to understand, very well executed and reassuringly built and developed. An Audi, in other words. It would be nice if it was lighter and went farther between charges and we’re still not convinced of the benefits of camera side mirrors, but if you’re looking to put a tentative foot into the future, this isn’t the safest stone. still.

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