Audi e-tron GT review


What is?

This is the Audi e-tron GT, the sister car to the Porsche Taycan, based on the same VW Group J1 platform and containing much of the same technology, albeit wrapped in an extremely stylish suit. Of course, it’s not the first purely electric Audi – that title goes to its ever-growing range of e-tron SUVs – but it’s certainly the most exciting.

So is it the same kind of deal as the Taycan?

There will be two versions of the e-tron GT, at least initially: the “entry-level” e-tron GT quattro and the full e-tron GT RS. Yes, it is also the first electric Audi to carry the RS badge. Both have an engine at each end for four-wheel drive, both have the same two-speed gearbox as the Taycan on the rear axle to maximize acceleration off the line, but also increase efficiency at higher speeds, and both feature a 93kWh battery as standard – there’s no shorter 79kWh range or rear-wheel drive option like the Taycan here.

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Hit me up with some performance numbers.

The ‘quattro’ produces 469bhp, or 523bhp for a 2.5-second boost when launch control is engaged, enough for 0-62mph in 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 152mph. Too slow? The RS gets 590hp or 637hp in overboost, making it the most powerful RS model yet, albeit in short bursts, capable of sprinting from 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds (half a second slower than the Taycan Turbo S and 1.3 seconds slower than the Taycan Turbo S). new Tesla Model S Plaid) and a top speed of 155 mph. Fast hill smasher, then, but not as sadistic as the Porsche.

So why choose the Audi over the Porsche?

Thus, the Audi is presented as a fast GT rather than a four-door sports car. Fast, but not as fast as the Porsche. This theory is also true when you take out the tape measure. The Audi is a fraction longer, a bit narrower and a few centimeters taller than the Taycan, there’s also a bit of extra boot space: 405 liters in the rear, another 81 in the front. But in isolation you won’t know the difference, this is a low, long, wide and slim four-door that turns heads wherever you go.

Despite sharing its bones and sweetbreads with the Taycan, the two cars won’t be built in the same place. The e-tron GT will be assembled alongside the R8 at Audi’s Neckarsulm plant, which somewhat limits the number it can build, at least initially. Audi estimates that “something in the high four figures” per year can be achieved, that is, around a limit of 10,000 units, compared to the approximately 20,000 Porsche Taycans produced in 2020.

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What’s the verdict?

A beautiful four-door GT that plays to Audi’s strengths, with blistering pace.

The real strength of the e-tron GT is that it doesn’t try too hard to be a car of the future. It’s simply a beautiful four-door GT that plays to Audi’s strengths of high-quality interior, comfort and ease of use, and belt-driven pace that’s more than worthy of the RS badge. An electric powertrain also matches the brand’s aspirations as a technology leader, meaning there won’t be as much noise as when Porsche introduced the Taycan.

In a world where Tesla claims an autonomy of 400, voire 500 milles sur la dernière Tesla Model S, the autonomy of 300 milles de l’Audi will be toujours un facteur limitant pour certains, qu’ils aient besin parcourir de grandistances régulièrement or not. But that shouldn’t be the case, because in every department this is a hugely impressive car: comfortable enough to be a daily driver, but with face-melting acceleration in your locker; a practical four-door car, but with a nice chiseled look: if the only sacrifice to access all that talent is carefully planning your travel routes to incorporate fast charging, then that’s a small sacrifice to make.

Now some bad news. There are no plans to offer a simpler rear-wheel drive version like the Taycan (our current pick from Porsche’s electric lineup), and no plans to follow the Taycan Cross Turismo with an Avant version of the e-tron GT. Disappointing, given that Audi is the fast real estate company, but there’s plenty of time to change your mind.

Is it better than a Taycan? It offers a little more comfort and space and a little less speed, but the differences are really minimal. It will depend on the brand you prefer and the body that appeals to you, and based on that, the e-tron GT is screaming feathers in Stuttgart.

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