Atlus revises, apologizes for Persona 5’s ‘threatening’ streaming guidelines



people 5 Players can now stream gameplay for a little longer without fear of retaliation from Atlus. The publisher revised its original video guidelines for the game and spelled them out in a blog post apologizing to anyone who felt “threatening” by the previous rules.

“We recognize that our fans are the reason the game is the biggest hit around the world, and we still want them to be able to enjoy the game without fear of being spoiled,” said Atlus . “As we want to give players the greatest possible access to the game while still fulfilling the original goal, we are now asking players not to stream or post videos after the game’s end date of November 19th when the main story is being prepared. for the final act.

That’s a whopping four months from the game’s original mid-July end date. Atlus will likely issue copyright strikes on anyone showing what happens after November character 5just as it threatened with the original guidelines.

At the same time, the publisher was concerned that these guidelines would appear too harsh. The Post offers an olive branch to fans who were put off by it people 5Dissemination standards first.

“We want to be transparent about what we’re doing and the reason we published the guidelines was to give streamers the right information from the start,” the publisher explained. “We never intended to threaten people with strikes over copyright infringement, but we clearly used the wrong tone to communicate that.”

people 5 Players have found clever ways to circumvent these streaming guidelines since its release in Japan, and likely will continue to do so. The critically acclaimed role-playing game has been available in the West since April 4th, but was only released in Japan last fall.

It is important to note that the PlayStation 4 share feature is still not working people 5, although Atlus exonerates with its guidelines. We must continue to photograph the game with our phones.

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