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Discover Ancient Greece in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you will almost never run out of things to do. Between the main scenario, side quests, mercenaries, smashing a cult, hunting wild animals, leading your team and finding love, a proto-assassin’s days are well filled.

But with all these possibilities, the question arises: How should I spend my precious time? The answer is mostly side quests, and this guide aims to help you understand the different types of side quests available, including why you might want to do them and what you get for completing them.

side missions

Side quests are the most numerous and obvious activities in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but they still need a bit of work to figure it out. We’ll break them down in order of (our definition of) their complexity.


Message boards are like Craigslist, but with fewer couches and about the same number of deaths.
Ubisoft via Polygon

  • forum quests. The side quests you find on message boards (actually a statue base) in some towns are rewards – they’re marked on your map with a black diamond-shaped icon with three horizontal lines inside (like a menu icon) of hamburgers. You’ll see a list of tasks based on kills, and when you hover over each one you’ll see their rewards, usually drachmas, XP, and some resources. These contracts in particular are a great way to make money Orichalcum Ore to use in the Oikos shop for special equipment. You can find it at Pilgrim’s Landing in Phokis.


Timed quests reward you with drachmas and resources, and you can keep anything you loot from them.
Ubisoft via Polygon

  • timed missions Y impact missions. You’ll see these quests appear on your map as you explore them (usually in or around cities). These are bite-sized quests, denoted with a black diamond-shaped icon with an hourglass or arrow inside. Complexity ranges from handing out a few drachmas to killing a marauding bear to murder. Usually you will get drachmas and resources for your problem.


You can see the rewards that the mission gives you in your menu.
Ubisoft via Polygon

  • side missions. Side quests appear on your map as black diamond-shaped icons with yellow borders and yellow exclamation marks inside. Side quests are huge investments of time, usually involving multiple locations and sometimes even spawning multiple side quests. Some even tie into (or at least support) the main story to some degree. They are much bigger than all other side quests but offer much bigger rewards. Side quests are a great way to acquire much better than average gear, usually something Epic or Legendary that will last you a few levels.
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