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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey it differs from the first Assassin’s Creed games. Along with the move towards action roleplaying conventions, Odyssey gives you an elaborate skill tree that can greatly affect the way you play, whether you want to be a super cunning proto-assassin or a more straight forward brute.

skill trees

The skills you have to choose from fall into three broad categories (actually just like the three damage types): Hunter, warriorY assassin. These categories essentially translate into from far, meleeY stealthily: You deal hunter damage with your bow, warrior damage with your weapon, and assassin damage when your enemy hasn’t seen you.

our favorite skills

All of the skills you unlock as you level up will add a twist to your damage and world exploration repertoire, so there are no wrong answers when choosing what to unlock. Easily customize the skills of your choice to suit your playstyle. In addition, you can always reset all your skill points for a few hundred drachmas and start over.

However, there are three skills that we fully recommend. They are fundamentally indispensable.

  • epiphany. It’s the assassin’s ability on the bottom right. This will give you a radar-like ping, marking any points of interest, mostly loot, in the nearby area. Combine this with Ikaros Air Surveillance and collect all the loot you can carry.


Ubisoft via Polygon

  • shieldbreaker. Warrior skill, second row up, right side. If an enemy has a shield, and many of them do, you’ll need to break through their defenses before you can do any damage. You can do this with a heavy attack, but these are slow and open you up for counterattacks. You can do this with a parry or a cross, but that means you have to wait for them to attack first. These work, but they only create an opening in the defense. They don’t solve the shield problem. The other best option is the ability to break shields. All you have to do is activate the ability, and you’ll rip the shield out of your enemy’s hands, hitting them and anyone nearby, and then knocking them out of range again. That is the Way to turn the tide of a fight.
  • sixth Sense. Hunter skill, bottom left row. This ability slows down time for a few seconds when an enemy sees you. This bullet time gives you the chance to fire some arrows and deal extra damage to the hunter in the process, but it’s also a handy window for a last-second silent assassination.

hunter skills

  • rain of destruction. Top row, middle. This skill gives you an area attack that rains down arrows on your enemies.
  • devastating shot. Middle row, right. It’s always tempting to shoot your enemies from afar with your bow, but it’s rare that a single shot will kill them. Most of the time, this will only make them angry and make them aware of your presence. However, the Devastating Shot ability almost triples your hunter’s damage, making it much easier to shoot.

warrior skills

  • chaos ring. To the top left. If you often feel surrounded (or about to get into a Battle of Conquest), having that crowd control ability can be a life saver.
  • bull racing. Bottom left. This ability has some useful uses: knocking back enemies, dealing extra damage, and moving quickly.
  • spartan step. Lower middle. Just like Bull Rush allows you to deal damage while moving, Spartan Kick allows you to deal damage while moving your enemy.

Assassin Skills

  • Shadow Killer. Bottom row, left. The assassin’s bonus damage is nice, but we love this ability because it lets you automatically loot whoever you stealthily kill.
  • critical kill. Top row, left. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to deal enough damage to kill an enemy. When this happens, all of your stealths simply become a sneak attack and melee prelude instead of an outright kill. However, this ability allows you to double your Assassination Damage, giving you that extra boost to be a better Assassin.
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