Arms guide: rush attacks


The rush move is each character’s “special” attack and is the most valuable resource you have. the poor. As you throw hits, the meter next to your life bar grows very slowly. When it’s full and yellow, you can dash by pressing RZ on motion controls or R on non-motion controls.

Your character will glow yellow and you will strike (or mash the hit buttons) as fast as you can to unleash a barrage of hits. Use it wisely and you will reverse or end the game. Miss it and get nothing.


About Rush

The exact form of the Rush actually changes depending on the weapon equipped. For example, gloves allow you to hit very quickly, and a missile fires a huge missile, but very slowly. This is very important: if you only use slow weapons, you will have a hard time rushing before your enemy can block. Since Rush is such a crucial move, you’re at a huge disadvantage if you’re only using slow-moving weapons.

Rapid damage also varies by weapon. You can expect around 250 on the low end and 400 on the high end.

When to use Rush?

run, grab, counter

Like most attacks in this game, Rush is best used as a counterattack. Expect an opening during which the opponent can’t block or move, and take advantage of it immediately. Because movement is so precious, the worst mistake you can make in a game is just wasting it out of the blue for no particular reason.

Run, hit, counter

There’s another good circumstance to use Rush: when your opponent hits you with a single hit. Rush clears a single hit, but not two. When wielding a fast weapon, you can see a punch coming, activate Rush and instantly hit the enemy with the fast weapon, forcing them to take full damage from your Rush.

How to defend against Rush

The safest and easiest way to defend against a rush is to protect yourself the moment you see your opponent’s yellow flash. You take five damage per hit, but those tokens don’t add up too much when you compare them to the huge life bar you could lose. However, if you’ve been blocking a lot, Rush might be able to completely breach your guard.

Run, dodge and counter

If you manage to dodge a rush from the side, move further to the opponent’s side and watch their hits. Just when both punches come out at the same time, they are more defenseless.

It might be possible to counter his attack with a punch or grapple if you have a fast weapon. Players often keep hitting long after you’re gone, making it easier for them to counterattack in this case. Smart players, on the other hand, will quickly turn around and start the race again.

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