Arms guide: Earning Arms coins


everything you do in it the poor it gives you some in-game currency (let’s call them A-Coins), and you take your money into the bonus game to unlock more random weapons in a fun Skillshot-like bonus game. Like Skillshot, you need to know your angles well to hit targets. Pay most attention to rear targets (timing and weapons), but try to take out normal targets as quickly as possible to trigger the next wave faster.

You may also be wondering how to get the A-Coins as quickly as possible. It depends on your skill level. the poor. The quickest way to get your coins is to win big in ranked battles. As you level up, you get more coins per win. (Currently, we’re getting eight per win at rank seven.) Even losing grants you two coins in this mode. Of course, in order to unlock ranked mode at all, you need to win the Grand Prix on at least difficulty level four.

If you still can’t beat the Grand Prix, the next fastest way to get coins is definitely Party Battle. You get three coins per game you win, plus one coin when you lose, and bonuses only if you stick around for a while. Party mode games are usually very fast, so getting three coins over and over again isn’t bad either.

Only play Arms Getter when you have 200 coins – it’s much better to get a bunch of weapons at once, especially since you don’t necessarily know what you’re getting. Unlocking 200 coins takes a few hours of gameplay even if you win the rank, so don’t be too hasty.

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