Are you laying your decking upside down? Experts finally answer the question dividing the internet

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  • If your patio is mounted on a ridge, you may have chosen the wrong orientation. The correct way to install boards on most decks is with the flat side up, with ridges to prevent rot and mildew.

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    Stephanie Savvides-Howell of @my_london_home posted a video sharing her findings with her followers. Since his microphone crashed, there has been a heated debate online over how to do it. home of dream Please discuss with experts.

    Stephanie @my_london_home wrote on Instagram: “My announcement to those who haven’t read my story. Your stocks went up and down!”

    ‘Yes, ribs? That’s another way. Ridges promote blood circulation and prevent decay. They don’t increase grip. They shouldn’t be seen. OK, now I’m done. You’re welcome. ‘

    The video he shared on Instagram over the weekend caused a lot of buzz as homeowners were shocked to receive the news from the outdoor seating area.

    Much better looking. WHO. That’s it. So frustrating,” one person commented.

    Another said: “I just told my husband. At first he looked at me like he was angry but now he is totally into the revelation.

    “I wish they were ‘right’ but they bullied me!” wrote Tuesday.

    Building a yard where you can see ridges is said to be harder to clean because dirt and mold can get trapped in the grooves. If your patio space is looking tired, our guide to cleaning and renovating patio furniture can help.

    “The news spread like wildfire!” Estefania said home of dream. “Some people delivered better news than others, but I really didn’t expect it to be such a controversial topic! A lot of people thanked me when they were placed on the new pitch, which kept them from having to Do it again!

    Stephanie also explained how she created the pitch. “We document our garden renovations on my Instagram account,” he said. I mentioned to my followers that I was going to turn my yard upside down because I wanted a smooth finish.

    “Some fans outside the UK responded to my story and asked ‘Isn’t this the right way?’ After some research it turned out they were right!

    “After I shared the news with my followers, I was contacted by others who are in the UK but know carpenters and landscapers who have been doing this.”

    What is the correct way to install patio decking?

    NeoTimber’s synth pitch expert Toby Allen commented that synth pitch means you can avoid dialogue altogether. He agrees that it is important to have adequate airflow under the deck, but “composite can be installed on grooved ducts or wood surfaces because their composition is moisture resistant.” Better.

    According to Calum Maddock of home improvement website HomeHow, there is no technically right or wrong way to install a patio. “It’s just a matter of aesthetics and practical preference,” he said.

    “Most patio manufacturers recommend installing the siding facing down, as it allows air to circulate under the plank, preventing excess moisture and mold from forming.” He adds that humidity shortens lifespan, so for a sturdy patio area, select the groove facing down.

    Browse all of our garden ideas for more inspiration to make the most of your outdoor space this spring. A patio is a great landscaping idea that can make your garden more functional year-round.

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    So it turns out that the grooves aren’t really for gripping. Some terraces have ridges on both sides to enhance the aesthetics, but in general, the ridges should be down and the smooth side up.

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