Apex Legends guide: `The First Piece` PvE event mission


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The first mission for Apex LegendsThe Broken Ghost PvE quest line is here. The mission is called “The First Piece” and asks players to unearth a hidden artifact in the artillery area of ​​Kings Canyon.

The quest itself is pretty easy, but we have a few tips to make it a little easier, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

Step 1: Choose a title

The first thing you will do, even before the quest begins, is choose a legend. The best options are Caustic or Wattson, since you’ll have an area to defend later on, and their area of ​​effect traps should make that a bit easier. But you can also choose your favorite legend and you will always complete the mission without any problems.

Step 2: Find the drill

After a brief loading screen, you’ll be transported to the nighttime version of Kings Canyon with a target marker in front of you and an eight-minute timer. This is the time you need to complete the quest.

If you move away from your objective marker and head towards the concrete bunker, you’ll find a loot box that contains some useful items. These items are random, but often include upgraded weapons and armor. There’s also a loot crate near the objective marker, which still contains an incendiary grenade, shelter cell, and first aid kit.

After collecting your new loot, you can go to the objective marker and the tunnel. Once inside, go straight until you see your first Prowler. These cunning alien creatures are fast, but will take only a few hits to the ground. They’re pretty easy to spot thanks to their glowing eyes, and if they sneak up from behind you should be able to hear their footsteps as they run.

There are some loot containers in the tunnel which are not random but can be useful. Some of the containers are on the metal platform up the stairs and others are at ground level, but you’ll have to try and pick them up while taking out the walkers inside.

You then enter the artillery area of ​​the map, where the objective will prompt you to enter the hangar. Before you do so, there are some useful pieces of loot to grab. Head right once you exit the tunnel, then turn left, past the small building where the Prowler is hidden, and you’ll spot an Epic Shield and Legendary Backpack behind the giant gun. In the same area there will be a trash can containing a Legendary Spitfire. There might also be a flyer to the northeast, but it only showed up once out of our three attempts – it dropped a triple grip when we killed it.

Step 3: Defense of the exercise


Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Once you’ve looted enough, you can go to the hanger and interact with the objective marker to start excavating the hidden artifact. Starting the excavation will also remove the timer so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

Once you place the digging tool, a new type of Prowler will arrive. These new Prowlers are faster but easier to kill than the others. This is where you should use your area denial skills if you’ve settled on a Legend like Caustic or Wattson. Whichever legend you choose to play as, keep shooting at the rangers until the device has completed its task.

Step 4 – Collect the Artifact

Once the drill has completed its extraction, you can pick up the artifact. You should do this quickly as a new timer has started giving you 1 minute and 25 seconds to exit the area.

Step 5: Escape


Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Once you get the artifact from the hangar, go to the huge building on the right. As you walk towards the building, several walkers will come towards you. If they get too close, you can take them out, otherwise keep running. Enter the building through the ground floor door and take the stairs to the second level. Once there, find the second set of stairs and take them to the roof. A DropShip is waiting for you on the roof, ready to pick you up and complete the mission.

Completing the quest will unlock the two cosmetic rewards, as well as a short text log telling you about the ongoing story of The Broken Ghost quest line.


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