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Discover, Apex Legendslovable robot friend, always there to help you get where you need to go. Between his grappling hook and his zip line, Pathfinder has plenty of ways to dash across the map on the fly. But only because you can go in somewhere Apex Legendsdoesn’t always mean you should.

In this guide we will show you how to use Pathfinder skills to move safely.

Passive: inside knowledge

Pathfinder scans survey markers on the map to show the location of the closest circle.

Finding the closest circle is useful, but not just for the obvious reasons. While it lets you know where you need to be soon, you can also set traps along paths that other teams can take before they know they need to take them.

If you’re in the area early, other players can hit you while you survey the circle’s boundaries. You don’t know yet that you’re keeping something.

Tactical Ability: Grab

Pathfinder fires a grappling hook that allows him to reach distant locations.

Once you use the grappling hook to climb high, it’s easy to get too enamored with your placement. But it’s still a battle royale game, and that means moving is a must. Don’t hesitate to move to a new place, even if the place you are in right now seems perfect.

The grappling hook is good for getting to places other players wouldn’t expect, but it’s also great for mobility. If you tie him to something high in the air and then hit the crouch button as soon as you start swinging forward, Pathfinder will transform into a cannon-based Spider-Man, helping him swing across the board in the blink of an eye.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Pistol

Pathfinder creates a zipline that anyone can use.

Anyone can walk up to your zipline and take it anywhere, so watch your back.

few skills in it Apex Legends They have the potential for disaster, like Pathfinder’s zipline does. While it’s a great tool for quickly traversing the map most of the time, it’s just as easy to create a zipline that takes you straight into an enemy team. Make sure you know what’s on the other side of the zipline before you take it.

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