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Octane is the first Legend added by developer Respawn Entertainment. Apex Legends , and it fits perfectly. Like some of the other characters in the game, Octane’s abilities are related to mobility. But being successful with Octane isn’t about how fast you can run or how high you can jump. It’s about what you do with those tools.

To help you get the most out of it Apex Legends For the first new hero, we have some tips on how to best use their abilities.

Passive: Fast Repair

Octane automatically regenerates health

Notably, Octane can use Boost Packs instead of Med Kits. There’s no reason to fully charge your health. When you’re almost full, the passive will fill in what’s missing.

If you’re in a low-loot game, Octane can share meds with his allies more often than other characters because he needs them less due to his passivity.

Tactical Ability: Boost

Octane moves faster at the expense of his health.

You can’t kill yourself with this ability, so use it as much as possible when you have purple armor. Remember that your health may be poor.

Use Stim as soon as you land on the parachute. The health cost is low, and the extra speed could mean the difference between you getting a gun or someone else picking it up first.

Ultimate Ability: Launchpad

Octane throws a jump mat that anyone can use to jump higher.

Launchpads take momentum into account (like everything in Apex Legends), so if you need to make an extra long jump, try running or even jumping off a high cliff.

Launch pads are large and easy to see, meaning you can use them as bait. If someone is chasing you, launch a launch pad and turn a corner. The enemy chasing you can jump in the wrong direction.

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