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anthem has a variety of different javelins for players to choose from. While it can be difficult to decide which to pick first, one of the most rewarding journeys in gaming is learning how to master your favorite javelin.

For players who swapped out their initial ranger and decided to skip the tank-heavy Colossus or Storm elemental, here’s everything you need to master your new Javelin Interceptor.

The Interceptor is all about dodging in and out of combat. It is also anthem faster and less forgiving class thanks to extremely low health and armor. Since most of the Interceptor’s abilities are focused at close range, you still need to be close enough to the enemy to deal damage. Luckily, the Interceptor also has all the mobility tools you need to get you out of harm’s way and back in no time.

For anyone looking to get that little bit more out of their Interceptor, here are some tips to master the nimble little spear armed with a knife.

Choose weapons that you can reload quickly

Since the Interceptor is all about getting close to enemies, you’ll also need weapons that can do that, but be careful, reload speed matters most. The reason why reload speed is so important for the Interceptor is its high mobility. Dodging the damage enemies are trying to do to you requires you to keep moving at all times, and that includes jumping and dodging, two things that can interrupt you when you’re trying to reload your weapons.

Your best choices for weapons are things like SMGs and submachine guns, or even a fast-firing, fast-reloading assault rifle in the main slot. Things are a bit more flexible for your secondary weapon. If you want to pack an extra punch, your best bet is a good shotgun. Although reloading a shotgun can take a while, you can use all of its ammo on each encounter and then switch to your automatic weapon to finish it all off. Once the fights are over, you have plenty of time to reload your shotgun before the next fight.


The Intercepting Spear

Sometimes changing direction is better than flying

The Interceptor can stop and fly in no time. This means you can stop flying, rotate your character, and then fly back to change direction instead of slowly rotating like another spear would. Every time you start flying with one of the spears, some of your fuel is immediately burned. But for the Interceptor, the amount of fuel burned is minimal.

While that doesn’t seem like a significant difference, it actually makes the Interceptor a bit faster than any other Javelin and makes it great for changing direction in a tight spot. While all other Javelins must stick to their slow and steady rate of turn, the Interceptor can move through the air and change direction on the fly. It’s a difficult skill to master, but an important one if you want to unlock the full speed that the Interceptor is capable of.

Her ultimate is a great get out of jail free card.

The Interceptor’s ultimate ability allows him to use two knives to slash enemies. While this ability is useful for dealing damage to both groups and individual enemies, it also has an additional utility. For example, since everything the Interceptor does is up close and personal, the Javelin Ultimate can be a perfect way to get out of trouble quickly. Finally, it makes you completely invulnerable while it’s active. Whenever you go too deep, activate your ultimate, kill as many enemies as possible, and then jump to safety once it’s done.

Dodging and jumping can be as good as flying

While most spears of anthem has to rely on its missiles to reach distant areas, the Interceptor makes these jumps trivial thanks to its triple jump. Because of this and its extra-long dodge, the Interceptor is sometimes better at jumping than flying. For example, if you need to reposition yourself behind an enemy in combat with a shield to hit their weak spot, a Storm or Ranger can hover over the enemy’s head, while an Interceptor simply circles them and hits their target twice as fast. Quickly. Quickly. Take advantage of the extra height and distance of your movement and save the flight when you really need it.


The interceptor using the Venombomb

Choose abilities that do things your weapons can’t

Since the weapons that work best for the Interceptor are all close range and fast reloads, it can be worth filling the rest of his team with abilities that cover his weaknesses. Adding a single ranged ability to the Interceptor is a good idea, just so you can deal with long-range threats in an emergency. Abilities like Plasma Star and Searching Glaive allow you to deal a lot of ranged damage without sacrificing a lot of close-range power.

Interceptor Skill List

Here’s a breakdown of every Interceptor ability we know so far.

attack systems

  • Search Glaive: A sword that searches for its target
  • Poison Bomb – Covers enemies in a large area in acid
  • Cryo Glaive – Freezes up to two targets when hit
  • Cluster Mine – Throws a few mines in an area that can be triggered when enemies get close
  • Spark Dash – Dash forward, damaging enemies and leaving a trail of electricity in its wake

strike systems

  • Explosive Strike: Melee an enemy to charge them up. If he charges up when he dies, he will explode and deal damage to other enemies in the area
  • Plasma Star – A long-range shuriken that hits a single target
  • Wraith Strike – Spawns a copy of the interceptor that attacks enemies
  • Tempest Strike: Strikes the target for additional damage and power
  • Venom Spray – Creates a cloud of acid that damages enemies

system support

  • Aiming Beacon – Marks an enemy, causing them to take additional damage
  • Rally Cry: Remove harmful effects from allies

Melee Ability: Double Edged Daggers

Use dual daggers to slash enemies indefinitely with no cooldown.

Ultimate Ability: Assassin’s Blades

Charges the Interceptor’s daggers, allowing them to attack faster without taking damage.

Playing the Interceptor is like a constant balancing act. You need to be close enough to deal damage without enemies shooting at your low shields and health for free. Armed with the best agility options in the game, from its difficult-to-master but rewarding flight system to its triple jump and extended evasive maneuvers, the Interceptor gives players plenty of room to balance and deal heaps of damage.

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