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Many added foods in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons“The new major update 2.0 requires flour or whole wheat flour to craft. Our animal crossing: New Horizons The Wheat and Flour Guide shows you where to find it Wheat begin grow and how to do it flour Y whole wheat flour.

Where to find wheat in Animal Crossing?

The easiest way to start a wheat farm is to buy it beginning of the wheat out of Leif. Wait for him to visit your island (he appears once a week) or work your way around Harv’s Co-op until Leif opens his booth in Harv’s Island Plaza.


Looking for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wheat? find Leif.
Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Once you’ve gained access to Leif, you’ll need to wait for your spinning stick to contain Wheat Start. they will guide you 280 bells everyone.

You can also take many boat trips with Kapp’n. Every journey costs you 1,000 NookMiles. There is a (very small) chance that you will go to an island where you will find wheat.

flour and whole wheat flour

To make flour and whole wheat flour you will need a kitchen. You will receive a DIY recipe for a Stone kitchen (30 Stones, 15 Tones, 10 Iron Nuggets) when you unlock DIY+ recipes. Once you’ve built it, visit your kitchen to make it flour or then whole wheat flour with 5 wheat each.

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