Animal Crossing: New Horizons K.K. Slider song list, music guide

KK Slider, a white dog, performs a song in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Before KK Slider shows up on his Animal Crossing: New Horizons You can still buy their catchy tunes on the island.

If you use the Nook Stop in the Resident Services building/tent, you can purchase a random song each day using the Nook Shopping feature. The song will be delivered the next day by courier.

While most songs can be purchased through Nook Shopping, some must be requested from KK itself when they perform. “Animal City”, “Driving”Y “Adoption” everything must be received from the moment it is produced. “Welcome Horizons” It also won’t be available for sale at the Nook Stop, but you’ll receive a copy the first time you invite KK to your island. “KK’s Birthday” it is given to him for his birthday.

The 12 songs added in the 2.0 update such as “KK robot synthesizer‘, you have to ask KK directly if you want me to do them on Saturday.

KK will give you copies of his music immediately after his performance on Saturday, but if you have guests on your island at that time he will mail them to you the next day.

Your music can be hung on your walls as cool album covers or placed on your turntables and other music playback devices. To do this, simply press A when you are in front of the turntable. You will be prompted to add the song, change the playback volume, or select a different song to play. Once you’ve added the song to your collection, any of your music players can play it. Portable radios cannot play specific songs, they just play random songs.

To keep track of all the songs, especially if you’re trying to collect them all, here’s a list.

KK Slider New Horizons track list

  1. Agent KK
  2. Aloha KK
  3. animal city
  4. KK rubber
  5. kk coffee
  6. Comrade KK
  7. DJ KK
  8. To lead
  9. adoption
  10. forest life
  11. Go to KK Rider
  12. hypnosis KK
  13. Loving You
  14. imperial kk
  15. kk adventure
  16. aria
  17. kk ballad
  18. KK Bazaar
  19. date of birth
  20. KK blues
  21. KK Bossa
  22. Calypso
  23. Kasbah KK
  24. KK Choir
  25. kk condor
  26. KK country
  27. KK cruise
  28. KK D&B
  29. kk say
  30. kk nightclub
  31. KK Dixie
  32. KK Studio
  33. KK do
  34. KK Flemish
  35. Popular KK
  36. KK Fusion
  37. KK slot
  38. KK Okra
  39. kk house
  40. KK island
  41. jazz
  42. KK Jongara
  43. complain KK
  44. KK love song
  45. KK lullaby
  46. KK Mambo
  47. kk marathon
  48. march
  49. KK Mariachi
  50. KK metal
  51. Milonga KK
  52. KK grumpy
  53. KK oasis
  54. kk parade
  55. KK Ragtime
  56. rally kk
  57. reggae
  58. KK rock
  59. kk rockabilly
  60. KK Safari
  61. sauce
  62. KK Samba
  63. KK Sk
  64. kk sonata
  65. kk song
  66. kk soul
  67. Steppe KK
  68. rode kk
  69. KK swing
  70. KK Synth
  71. tango
  72. KK techno pop
  73. waltz
  74. western kk
  75. King KK
  76. lucky KK
  77. Song from the sea 2001
  78. mountain song
  79. Mr. KK
  80. my home
  81. Neapolitan
  82. Just me
  83. Reflect
  84. swing KK
  85. CC on the way
  86. KK room
  87. spring flowers
  88. stale muffins
  89. steep hill
  90. surfing KK
  91. the K-Funk
  92. to the edge
  93. Two days ago
  94. Hike
  95. Welcome horizons
  96. KK Fugue (added in 2.0)
  97. KK Polka (added in 2.0)
  98. KK Slack key (added in 2.0)
  99. KK Chorinho (added in 2.0)
  100. Chillwave (added in 2.0)
  101. KK Dub (added in 2.0)
  102. KK Lovers (added in 2.0)
  103. KK Bashment (added in 2.0)
  104. KK Hop (added in 2.0)
  105. KK Break (added in 2.0)
  106. KK Khoomei (added in 2.0)
  107. KK Robot Synth (added in 2.0)

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