Animal Crafts for Kids

Animal crafts for kids are fun all year round and we have a whole collection of different ideas for many types of animals.

From easy crafts for toddlers to projects suitable for preschoolers, craft ideas for kindergarteners and older children, you are sure to find a project that suits you. And we have more than one craft idea for most animals, so try them all.

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Some of our latest animal craft ideas for kids

Here are some of our latest animal project tutorials that we’ve shared:

Animal crafts for kids from A to Z

This collection of animal crafts for kids is organized alphabetically. We’ll add new animals to the list as our collection of ideas grows.

Alligator / Crocodile

Crocodile and Alligator Projects for Kids

Scary or amazing, crocodiles and alligators are a fun project to do with your kids.

Check out all of our crocodile/alligator ideas


Insect crafts for kidsBug projects are especially popular in spring, but bug enthusiasts love to do these projects year-round. We have ideas ranging from cute ladybugs to creepy crawling spiders.

Discover all our intelligent insects


Bat craft ideas for kidsThese nocturnal animals are a lot of fun on Halloween.

tinker with bats


have ideasRead a good book about bears with your kids and then go on an adventure. This topic is especially popular with preschoolers.

Check out our collection of bear crafts


Bee crafts for kidsBees are one of the most popular insects if you ask kids, and we were particularly sneaky.

See buzzing bee ideas



Butterflies are another favorite of children. These wonderful and colorful creatures are ideal for art projects.

Lots of butterfly craft ideas for kids.


catsWe can’t have an animal themed arts and crafts list without one of our favorite animals… cats! Blacks are especially popular around Halloween, but this theme is fun year-round.

Be smart with cats


CaterpillarCaterpillars are a great theme for kindergarten and preschool because they go well with some of the children’s favorite books. The little pom pom beads are one of our most popular projects and the kids love to take them home. They are a wonderful alternative to a pet rock.

Discover our track ideas

chicken / chick

chickenPerfect to complement learning about the chicken life cycle or to have fun during the Easter holidays. We have many great ideas to share with you.

Browse chic and chicken craft ideas


Fun dog crafts for kidsKnown as man’s best friend, dogs are a favorite craft item for children. We have a wonderful collection of ideas for you that are suitable for all ages.

Discover creative activities for dogs.


Fish project ideasThe fish can be made as part of a pet theme or a sea/ocean animal theme.

Discover ideas for fishing projects


Lots of fox ideas - animal craft ideas for kidsSo your kids are crazy about foxes? We really can’t blame them because foxes are really beautiful animals and kinda funny. From fun origami foxes to popular craft foxes made from toilet paper rolls, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect project for your needs.

Discover fun fox projects for kids


creative frog ideasFrogs are most popular in spring, which is the best time of year to observe the frog life cycle. Enhance your science class by bringing these animal arts and crafts ideas to life. Corner bookmarks are always a great thing.

Discover the fun of frogs

sea ​​urchin

HedgehogHedgehogs are one of our favorite animal crafts. We have loads of projects that are suitable for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and older kids, and with a little help, even toddlers can do many of them.

We are crazy about hedgehogs so we have a lot of DIY ideas


Ladybug or Ladybug One more thing for all you bug lovers out there, ladybugs are here for the feast!

Whether you call them ladybugs or ladybugs, these ideas are just as amazing.


Lion Arts and Crafts

They say the lion is the king of beasts, but is he the king of animal crafts for kids? Who knows! If this animal is one of your kids’ favorites, it may be! From origami to making toilet paper rolls and those using materials found in nature.

These lion arts and crafts are awesome and we’re not lions (oh cheesy puns)


octopusFrom projects designed just for fun to a great project that uses paper cups to help kids control their emotions.

Discover octopus ideas



wonderful ideas for peacock art


penguinThe next bird in our collection of craft animals for kids is the penguin, one of the few birds that can’t fly. But who needs to fly when you’re sporting a penguin look?

Discover fun penguin inspiration


pigsThe pink piggies are the coolest. Super intelligent animals and very popular with children in general.

Discover fun DIY ideas with pigs


Craft ideas for bunnies and rabbitsLearn how to make an origami bunny or how to make the cutest bunnies out of strips of paper, among many other great ideas.

Discover bunny inspirations


reindeerIncredibly popular at the end of the year, even more so with a red nose, but they’re fun all year round.

Discover reindeer crafts for kids


Shark ideas for kidsTry these crafts during shark week or any other time of year you want to have fun.

Bite into these shark project ideas


Sheep craft ideas for kids Super popular to make in spring.

Let’s craft with sheep

tortoise and tortoise

turtlesAnother very popular theme from our list of animal crafts for kids is the turtle or tortoise theme. Goes well with the ocean theme or just to keep this funny animal happy.

Check out fun turtle and tortoise ideas


Turkey crafts for kidsIt’s turkey time! Turkeys are very funny birds and a bit scary at the same time.

Check out the original craft ideas with turkeys

100+ animal crafts for kids

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