All Relics in Rogue Legacy 2, explained

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as you dare Rogue Heir 2, you will find relics, objects that will grant you power in one of your heir’s journeys. Relics can make or break a run as many of them can buff you up, but sometimes these buffs come at a cost. Our Villain Legacy 2 The Relic Guide lists all the different relics you can find and what they do.

Relics are often found in rooms that give you a choice of two. Once you’ve taken one, you can’t take the other, so choose wisely. Some of the relics listed below are also available in special rooms or in the Curio Shoppe.

Each Relic costs Resolve, and since you only have a limited amount of Resolve, you must be careful about which Relics you choose. (Sometimes not picking relics is better than grabbing one, especially if it’s low res.)

Determination is your heir’s confidence, and it wanes as it wears out. Heavy Armor and Relics decrease your Heir’s Resolve, and once it falls below 100%, you lose Max HP. Depending on your heir’s weight class, you’ll gain determination and be able to carry more.

Relic Descriptions are facedown until you first use them, making some of your early decisions difficult. Below we have listed all the heirlooms, fixed costs and heirloom descriptions.

Rogue Legacy 2 relic list

relic pay the costs Effect
relic pay the costs Effect
Achilles Shield 25 Deal 10% additional damage with spells and weapons when your health is at 50% or more.
Aite’s sword 35 You deal 125% more damage, but this relic is fragile.
Sun of Amaterasu 55 Your weapon inflicts (or prolongs) burning for 2 seconds.
ragweed 25 After taking damage, you are invincible for an additional 1.25 seconds.
ancestral soul Revive deadly blows with 50% HP. It can happen 1 time.
Antikythera 35 Gain 10% magic damage per enemy defeated. Bonus lost on hit. (Maximum 50%).
Arcane Necklace 25 Cast 3 spells to charge the necklace and unlock the next spell.
stunted scissors 25 Critical damage from spells and weapons increased by 20%.
blessing of life Take 30% of max HP damage. Increases Max HP by 15%.
blessing of strength Deals 6% more damage with weapons.
talent blessing Get 20 resolution.
blessing of wisdom Deals 6% more magic damage.
body buffet 35 Defeated enemies have an 8% chance to leave a health drain.
boxing bell Four five Your weapon applies combo.
catalyst 25 Deals 20% more damage to enemies with a status effect.
Charon’s trial cursed relic. Unless it is cleansed, any blow suffered is fatal. Defeat 15 enemies to purify it and get an additional 20% Gold, Ore, and Ether.
Clotho brooch 25 Critical hit chance for spells and weapons increased by 10%.
shell of hearts Four five Defeat 6 enemies to avoid the next source of damage.
consume nectar Heals 500% Intellect and restores 100% Mana.
cornucopia 25 Health drops restore an additional 8% of your maximum health.
Corruption Reagent 35 After 3 sprints, your next sprint leaves a poisonous cloud for 2 seconds.
cosmic vision 25 Gain 100 Mana when wounded. Mana gained can overload.
Demeter’s verdict Unless it is cleansed, any blow suffered is fatal. Gather 2 food/potions to purify this relic and gain 30% max health and 50 mana.
Diogenes Market fifteen Relic of the Oath. More gold. All bonus gold is converted to bonus XP instead (100% + your bonus gold).
dream catcher 35 Defeat enemies with Max HP to gain 5 Max Mana. (Maximum 200).
empty container 25 Gain 10% bonus Health, Weapons, and Magic Damage.
destiny dies 25 After defeating 6 enemies, the next non-special enemy hit will die instantly.
freon premium 25 Opening chests restores health equal to 100% Intellect.
glowing embers 25 Deals 75% more damage every 6 hits. The counter resets when you take damage.
gnawed bone 25 Eating health drops while at full health increases max HP by 10% (max 3 stacks).
mourning bell 35 You have a 25% chance to avoid a fatal blow.
Helm of Hector 25 Deals 20% more damage with spells and weapons while below 50% health.
Hermes boots 35 You are immune to static spikes.
heron ring 35 For each point of resolution below 100%, you deal 1% additional magic damage.
Hyperion ring 55 Rise from deathblows and restore 50% of your HP. It can happen 1 time.
The Blessing of the Incandescent Telescope fifteen Relic of the Oath. Deals 25% more damage to distant enemies, but deals 25% less damage to nearby ones.
ivy roots 25 Deals 12.5% ​​more ground damage.
ivy seeds 25 Create a canopy of ivy every time you perform an aerial salvage.
Lachesis measure 55 Enemies defeated with a critical hit restore 6% of your maximum health.
Lamech’s whetstone 35 Critical hits with weapon skills now apply Magic Break for 2.5 seconds.
lily of the valley ten It takes two to open the gates of the mouth of Naamah.
lotus leaf 25 Increases your total mana pool by 50.
lotus trunk Four five Block up to 2 attacks. Consumes 150 mana per block. Mana potions restore charges.
marble sculpture 25 Landing creates a small shockwave that destroys medium projectiles for 50% magic damage.
obelisk 25 Your critical abilities have an additional 20% chance to become super critical.
Onyx Key Four five A black key. (Used to open the Onyx Gate.)
Pandora test cursed relic. Unless it is cleansed, any blow suffered is fatal. Defeat 10 enemies to purify this relic and gain 50 resolve.
Pearl Key Four five A white key. (To open the Pearl Door.)
Tincture of rabies 25 Deals 100% more damage after taking damage during the invincibility window.
the raven ring 35 Deal an additional 1% bonus weapon damage for every point of resolution below 100%.
Red sand hourglass 25 Every 5 seconds, your next weapon attack deals 75% more damage. The timer resets when you take damage.
Serquet’s spike 55 Your weapon applies 1 stack of poison.
It goes anywhere 35 Open locked or melted fairy chests. It breaks after use.
clamping core Four five Every 5 seconds, your next attack deals 150% bonus magic damage to all nearby enemies.
steel toe shoes 35 Spin Kicks now apply Armor Break for 3.5 seconds.
The future successor market Relic of the Oath. leave this world Increases your current gold by 35%. (Kills you instantly.)
The Heavy Stone Market fifteen Relic of the Oath. Your weapon deals 100% more damage but has a 2 second cooldown.
Incarus Wings Market fifteen Your jump is replaced with flee, but you take 100% more damage.
The market for toothed mangoes fifteen Relic of the Oath. Deal 100% more damage and take 100% more damage.
Avant-garde standard Four five Dashing creates a wave that destroys medium-sized projectiles. Waves travel 2 units.
Voltaic Headband 35 Hitting an enemy with your weapon causes an aura of damage around you for 1.5 seconds.
war drum Four five Each unique relic increases your damage by 6%.
weighted ankle bracelet 25 Your spin kicks deal 25% more damage.
strange mushrooms 35 Spore Blast is used on defeated enemies.
the ring of the zealot 25 Spells cast with full mana deal 20% more damage.
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