All About Me Printable Book Templates

The start of the school year is the perfect time to do a worry-free project. These All About Me printable book templates make it easy for you to create a memorable book with many page layouts for your kids to choose from.


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If you are planning a lesson plan for the start of the school year, an All About Me theme is the perfect way to start the year.

Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners, this About Me book template is a project that can be skipped throughout the week (or longer).

What do you need:

  • our all about me printable book template (available in our members area)
  • thicker printing paper (white and colored)
  • scissors
  • the glue
  • coloring supplies
  • thread and punch


go through the pages

My name is…

You can’t have a book about me without writing your name. On this page the children write their names and count the letters of their names.


Page self-portrait

Let the children create their portraits. Mirrors can be of great help in this activity. Give children a variety of materials to use in making their portraits, from simple art supplies to scrap paper or hair yarn.


How old am I

The children write their age and also cut and glue the number of candles on the cake. Ideal for practicing basic scissor skills.


my footprint

It’s fun to have dirty hands! Have the children stamp this page with their hands.



Talk about colors. What is your favorite color? What color are your eyes and hair?


Draw your favorite animal


What will they be when they grow up?


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