Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio review


What is?

Is it time for the Giulia Quadrifoglio’s mid-life updates? OK, let’s take a look: engine, transmission, body… everything, uh, unchanged.

Which is fine with us, since it’s the best-looking, best-handling super sedan in this class.

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Instead of messing with the visuals or the mechanics, Alpha fixed the parts that needed fixing.

First, the infotainment system and how you control it. It is more powerful and has easier to understand logic. They added more remote applications and services. It is now a touch screen. And the center console click wheel controller is a higher quality item.

Along with liquidating, the absence of driving aids. Four years ago you could say, and we did, that the lack of driver assistance was okay because it was designed as a car for interested drivers. These days, you can’t really say that. The roads are getting busier and duller, and you can get these boosts from most superminis.

So the Giulia now has an optional package with level two roadside assistance (lane following with active cruise control), as well as traffic jam assist and active blind spot assist, and lane limit warning. In fact, because the QF is a surprisingly tame car when honking is out of the question, you’ll be happy to use it on your daily commute. Then you will need this daily help.

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You can also check the option boxes for a visible carbon fiber roof (the roof, hood, and driveshaft were still carbon fiber, but you couldn’t see it), and carbon fiber shell front seats. Sparco and an Akrapovic exhaust. Some jazz heritage-inspired paint colors are also on the menu.

From there, the list of mods looks a bit worn. Blacked out taillight lenses, redesigned cup holders… hold on to the cover.

Maybe Alpha didn’t have the money for wholesale mechanical changes. After all, sales of the Giulia range have not been exceptional. But it doesn’t really need any more updates as it was a brand new car just four years ago. So it’s time to rediscover the 510 horsepower twin-turbocharged V6.

Our choice of the range.

Alfa Romeo
2.9 V6 BiTurbo Quadrifoglio 4 Doors Automatic [ACC]

What’s the verdict?

If you are looking for a wonderful and simple super sedan, stop by

The Giulia in general and the Quadrifoglio in particular hit the spot right from the start. Fast and furious when you want, but livable the rest of the time. And such a beautiful object.

Modified infotainment and driver-assist features work well, making it a successful upgrade.

Really the only reason we wouldn’t go here is if we needed something that isn’t in Giulia’s range. A break, a coupé or a 4×4, in particular. But if you’re looking for a wonderfully simple super sedan, stop by.

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