Aged 55 plus? Martin Lewis explains that it’s Free Wills Month this October

Making a will is one of those things we know we should prioritize, but many times we don’t. However, this is the only way to guarantee that your possessions and valuables will eventually be handed over as soon as possible after your death.

So if you’re over 55 and you’re procrastinating, money saving expert Martin Lewis has some urgent news for you to take action.

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One month will be free

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“If you’re over 55, this month is free,” he announced Friday morning.

“Now this is a will drawn up by a lawyer, which is the gold standard,” Martin explained. “It’s a little different to the last will aid I mentioned – it’s in November and you have to book in advance. That’s where you donate £100 to charity and you can get any degree. What’s the age to get a will? “

Martin continued: “This month is free, only for over 55s”. Charities pay lawyers in hopes of leaving a will. That means giving them something you like.

“There are 10,000 of them in most of England, but not in London or Kent, nor in Scotland, because they had free will in those areas in March.”

“Check it out, though, because it can be a good way to achieve free will.”

How to register

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To do what Martin says and test it, you have to be in freedom month (opens in new tab) website. Enter your name, phone number and location there to find one of the participating law firms near you.

You can then make an appointment with that law firm using their services for free. But, as Martin said, you should contribute to charity.

Mind, The Dogs Trust, British Heart Foundation and Royal National Lifeboats Institute are some of the charities you can support. All you have to do is attach the gift as you wish.

If you love your home and everything in it, and want to make sure the right things happen when you die, an existing will written by a lawyer will ensure your wishes are respected. At the same time, your loved one doesn’t have to make a heartbreaking decision or face legal troubles. We don’t think it makes sense, right?

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