Accordion Paper Snake Craft

.Even if you’re not a fan of snakes, you have to admit this accordion Paper snake crafts it’s just adorable!

An easy craft project for your kids and a great introduction to origami for kids.


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Are you a fan of snakes? I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated (to say the least) by them as a kid, but I became a fan during my college days when I had the opportunity to own one.

Well, even if you or your kids don’t really like snakes, this paper version is fun and cute to make.

A bit of cutting and folding is required to make this one, so it’s great for fine motor skills, making this craft idea perfect for little kids (and fun for older ones).


As a kid I was obsessed with making these paper chains for a while. I made a few of these and couldn’t stop! We used them as decorations for parties, celebrations, just like that and we loved making them!

If you plan to do this project with kindergarten or preschool children, consider making the paper strips wider – they’ll be easier to work with (and require less folding precision). Older children can easily manipulate the thin strips.*


What we love about this snake craft idea is that it can be a quick and easy project. Or you can turn it into something that requires more “patience”. You can make cute short snakes or go in search of a snake that will do everything in your living room. Kids will have a great time making super long lines!

If you want this to be a fun craft in class, you can also have your students create their own snake body segment and when all the kids are done making them, you can connect them all together into a long handmade garland.

Let’s make an accordion streamer craft

What do you need:

  • Colored Printing Paper: You can use one color, but we think two colors work well.
  • Scissors or paper cutters
  • the glue
  • wavy or googly-eyed stickers
  • Black marker

Watch the accordion paper snake craft video tutorial

Or follow this simple step-by-step guide


Start by cutting the paper into even strips (they don’t have to be very close together).

You can make them as wide or thin as you like – younger children will do better with wider stripes.

If you’re working with scissors, the easiest way is to fold the paper (Letter or A4) in half, fold that half in half… And again.

Unfold and cut along the folds. You can leave it folded in half and cut it into two strips at a time. I recommend using two colors as the final project will look fun. Of course you can use just one or even several.

Once you have your strips, separate them into two groups. If older kids are making this craft, you (or they) can tape or glue the strips together to make two super long strips.

For younger children, tape the strips in place or let them add strips themselves as they fold, as longer strips are more difficult to work with.



It’s time to start bending

Now that you have both strips, glue them together at a 90° angle.

Fold the bottom strip over the top (at a 90° angle) and crease the crease.

Take the bottom strip again and fold it over the top one.

Continue until you run out of fold strips and add a line of glue to the last fold.


If you’re making a super long line, add a bit of glue here and there as you go.

This makes things “safer”.


Cut out a snake head and a tongue from the paper and glue them to the last fold. Decorate with googly eyes and a black marker for the nostrils.

Your accordion streamer craft is ready and you can stretch, pull and move it as much as you like!

Not only is this fun to make, it’s also a lot of fun to play.



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