9 Things Only Irish Doodle People Understand

Wavy, strawberry blonde hair, playful and friendly manner and always up for anything? Sounds like a great partner to us. We’re talking about an adorable new mixed or designer breed called the Irish Doodle. Talk about Irish happiness – the people who feel truly lucky are the ones who have these doodles in their homes.

The breed is a relatively new mix, having probably emerged in the last 30 years. And boy were we glad they were. From their super photogenic coat to their endearing personalities, here are a few things that people who truly love the Irish Doodle have memorized.

1. He is an Irish Setter/Poodle mix

Irish Setters are known for their silky red coat. Traditionally used as hunting dogs, they are not only show and family dogs, but continue to support hunters today. They weigh about 70 pounds and have long floppy ears.

The poodle, on the other hand, comes in many sizes, from miniatures that can weigh up to 15 pounds to standard breeds that can weigh up to 70 pounds. The Irish Doodle is generally a medium-sized dog, ranging from 40 to 70 pounds depending on the parent.

2. You can go crazy with nicknames

There’s not a name under the sun that Irish doodle lovers haven’t tried. Whether it’s the Irish Doodle Setter, Irish Setterdoodle, Irish Setterpoo, or the hilarious Irish Poo Setter (great when that doodle is crouched in an awkward spot), owners have a blast letting strangers know their pet’s breed describe.

3. They are smart but not an alarm dog

Irish Doodle owners don’t usually have to deal with endless barking. Although the dog derives serious intelligence from its Poodle parentage and a hunting instinct from both parents, it tends not to express these traits when barking. This is good news for anyone trying to find some peace and quiet, including this dog’s neighbors.

Of course, every dog ​​is unique and some Irish Doodles may decide that hearing their voices is absolutely necessary in order to sing.

4. You can call her Big Red

As you may have noticed, the Irish Scribble is known for its red coat, but that’s not the only color it comes in. Puppies can also be cream or peachy and even all black and white.

Breeders often grade puppies by their coat color, and any mix within a litter is possible.

5. Basically consider yourself Sir Grooms-a-lot

Between the Irish Doodle’s long, wavy (and sometimes even curly) coat and floppy ears, owners know this is the type of hair that needs real attention. Daily brushing (yes, really) goes a long way in keeping this pup’s coat from matting, and trimming the hair on the ears can help prevent dirt build-up.

Compromise is one of the most luxurious hairs to run your fingers through, which, by the way, can lower blood pressure. Think of all the time you spend at the hairdresser’s as an investment in your health.

6. Not the easiest to train, but definitely a scholar

Although the Irish Doodle is an intelligent dog, they can also be a bit stubborn, which their owners are quick to share. They need more patience and really good treats to keep their attention.

The trade-off for this stubbornness is that once you figure out how to collaborate and communicate, you can have fun with this advanced-training dog: think agility classes, therapy dog ​​training, or scent work. They live for a purpose (after all, both of their parent breeds were used to hunting) and they excel at it.

7. Ready for adventure but no dog walker required

While you can use the Irish Doodle for running, hiking, camping, and any other fun adventure you can think of, you don’t need to incorporate the strenuous activity into your daily life.

A moderate daily walk is enough to keep them happy and well-behaved. But like any dog, they need to be kept busy to keep from mischief when left alone for long periods of time.

8. Good for people sensitive to sneezing

Irish Doodles tend to inherit a non-shedding coat from Poodles and are therefore sometimes referred to as “hypoallergenic” dogs.

While no dog is truly hypoallergenic (since the allergen is also found in the skin and salivary glands, and all dogs have them), a non-shedding coat can help those with mild allergies. And they will definitely help your vacuum cleaner.

9. It’s fair to say you’ll be a fan

Once a lover of Irish doodles, always a lover of Irish doodles. Would you like a mug that immortalizes your affection? How about a bib or bumper sticker? Even a tattoo? Understandable. They are easy to love dogs. Truly, there’s nothing like a little bling to celebrate such a sweet companion.


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