6 Hot Dog Costumes for Your Top Dog This Year

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With Halloween just around the corner, one of these easy-to-wear hot dog costumes will quickly transform your pet into a classic dachshund.

There are so many costume options, from creepy to adorable to silly. But the hot dog (aka wiener, sausage, frank, etc.) never goes out of style. Dogs dressed in outfits inspired both by their species name and their species’ notorious love of food are just too good to resist, and since most of the costumes are easy to don, you needn’t worry to make your dog. Squeezing when trick or treating. (Of course, if you have a dachshund yourself, a hot dog costume must be worn for at least a year!)

Let’s take a look at some of the best sausages out there for your pet this Halloween. Remember to measure your pet before buying!

Our Favorite Hot Dog Costumes

Corgi dressed up as a hot dog for Halloween

Hot dog, we have a sausage!

This easy-to-wear costume does the trick in one simple step. All you have to do is put the costume on your pet, press it between the bows and you’re done. You have a pup decked out with a hot dog and ready to take a stroll around the neighborhood.

Verified Rating“This costume was softer and fluffier than I expected, almost like a hot dog shaped pillow. definitely cute! My dog ​​mistook it for a toy and wanted to play with it when I held it. It’s so easy to put on; Simply adjust the Velcro around your dog’s tummy, then slightly around their neck, and you’re good to go. It stays in place and doesn’t interfere with your normal movements. Also, I love that it’s flashy and fun at first glance; it’s very clear what it’s supposed to be. I look forward to taking your turn or looking after my children. It exceeded my expectations for a dog Halloween costume, I mean I’m going to wear it with my dog ​​on Halloween! I really liked that costume.”

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Dog disguised as a sausage with decorations and buns

If you love your hot dog (and your hot dog costume) and all the accessories, this fake bun, lettuce, and generous dash of mustard option is just what you need for Halloween. .

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Dog dull with a bun and ketchup on top

If your dog is more of a minimalist hot dog, this all ketchup costume can cater to your discerning tastes. (And did we mention it looks adorable?)

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Dog as a Frank Casual Canine in a mustard colored suit

On the other hand, if ketchup isn’t your dog’s favorite condiment, Casual Canine was kind enough to make a mustard option. (And don’t worry, it’s just as adorable!)

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Corgi in wiener sausage with fit suit

This costume comes with all the extras (spice and mustard seeds and brioche, oh my!). But the real star of the show is the easy-to-lock collar and waist belt, which make it easy (and convenient) to dress and undress your pet.

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Dog like Frank with ornaments

Turn your big pup into a blessing with this adorable hot dog Halloween costume that comes with a variety of easy-to-use neck and belly straps and decorations to accommodate your big pup.

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