6/20 Monday (the bank)


Today, Makoto transforms from a quiet student body president to a ruthless teammate. Makoto is intentionally kidnapped by Kaneshiro’s henchmen. Follow her and meet the man himself. Once everyone has escaped, it’s time to take Makoto to the metaverse. Now that Kaneshiro is blackmailing him, you can enter the bank.

Once you take control, go forward and to the right. There will be a small opening through which you can go behind the switches. The guards are very strict and force you to follow their path, so it’s quite difficult to get lost. Just follow the line of guards until you reach the office. Go through the doors and examine the money on the table.


After a brief introduction to Shadow Kaneshiro, you must flee. Exit the same way you entered. You’ll encounter this once you return to the main room, and Makoto will have to come to terms with his true self. After Makoto releases his Persona, enter a fight.


Use your new party member to attack them Tidebringer Demon (which is weak for nuke skills). When you’re done with the demon party, go home and go to sleep. Free time starts tomorrow.

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