4th of July Crafts for Kids

Get ready to celebrate! much cool July 4 crafts for children. I’m waiting for you to get smart!


1. Just know that your pens are crying out for a holiday makeover! Make some patriotic crayons! Simple and fun

2. Do you have cans? You can turn them into cute windsocks. Random thoughts from a super mom

3. Are you preparing to go to the party? Go in style – make a patriotic hat! tutus and sandwiches

4. You can create a perfect dream catcher for this holiday. Activity blog for kids

5. Make a patriotic t-shirt and wear it proudly! Activity blog for kids

6. Turn branches into pretty ornaments. happy hooligans

7. Going to a fashion show? Create a crossguard! Amanda’s craft

8. Become the Statue of Liberty! buggy and friend

9. You can make a really awesome garland out of toilet paper rolls! It is fun


July 4 crafts for preschoolers and toddlers

10. I’d go 50/50 on this one: half craft half experience, but that makes it even more awesome doesn’t it? Make patriotic flowers! cunning father

11. Why not be Uncle Sam for a day by making this adorable Uncle Sam mask? Fantastic fun and learning.

12. Use Forks and Get Creative: Kids will love making these fireworks. smart tomorrow

13. You can make a pretty tissue paper garland! Preschool crafts for kids

14. This US flag vehicle is especially good for a large group of kids, whether they’re siblings or a class of preschoolers or toddlers. Preschool crafts for kids

15. Little hands will love making this patriotic bracelet! buggy and friend

16. You’re never too young (or too old) to make handprint art. smart tomorrow

17. Painting with pompoms is fun. Try this American flag ship! smart tomorrow

18. Upcycled crafts are always great, like this American flag collage. Amanda’s craft

19. Your kid can get super creative with dot markers and create a cute Statue of Liberty! Carrots are orange

20. Don’t forget the bald eagle! funny fingerprint art

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