34 Most Popular Gray Cat Names for Your Silver, Blue, or Lilac Kitty

Rover brings you the most popular dog names every year, and we all want to treat our feline friends the same. We scoured our data to find out which pet parents across the country name members of their cat family. From there, let’s take a look at the best gray cat names of the year. From cute gray kitten names to nifty options for adult gray cats, you’ll find something to suit every cat’s personality in our database.

What is seductive about a gray cat? Stylish beauties deserve an awesome gray cat name to complement their striking looks. Cat names used to be pretty simple (“Here, Fluffy!”) and while there’s nothing wrong with the classic choices, cat owners now choose a variety of interesting names for their pets.

When it comes to silver or gray kittens, their smoky colored fur gives them names like Ash, Moon, Gandalf, and Bluebell. Below are our top gray cat name picks, along with the most popular of these names and some great Russian monikers thrown in for good measure.


34 Most Popular Gray Cat Names

For male and female cats

  1. moon
  2. pepper
  3. wake up
  4. Smoked
  5. ash
  6. goose
  7. angle
  8. cosmos
  9. Thor
  10. sage
  11. Merlin
  12. purple
  13. Mouse
  14. iris
  15. Phoenix
  16. air bubbles
  17. opal
  18. rocket
  19. Flow
  20. daphne
  21. Venus
  22. Pound Sterling
  23. winter
  24. Heaven
  25. dragon
  26. the magic
  27. Emily
  28. diamond
  29. thunder
  30. Neptune
  31. London
  32. mountain of ash
  33. sparked
  34. Bell jar

Other popular gray cat names

From the animal name database Rover.com

  1. lbus (for Albus Dumbledore, of course)
  2. aria
  3. Ashley
  4. Azure or Azura
  5. baloo
  6. Bastet (an Egyptian cat goddess)
  7. Blue
  8. Costs
  9. captain
  10. chrome
  11. Ash or Cinderella
  12. cirrus
  13. Kosima
  14. sunrise
  15. dolphin
  16. Disco (for a party cat!)
  17. Dorian (as in Dorian Gray)
  18. Dusty
  19. gray earl
  20. Edie (from Gray Gardens)
  21. Ella (short for Cinderella)
  22. heloise
  23. Ezra
  24. fairies
  25. Floyd (which means “grey” in Welsh)
  26. Fox
  27. fritz
  28. Gandalf
  29. mercy or mercy
  30. grady
  31. Grayson
  32. water tap
  33. Guthrie (Scottish for “windy place”)
  34. heating
  35. hurricane
  36. hyacinth
  37. June
  38. Kai (Hawaiian for “sea”)
  39. Mrs Gray
  40. lavender
  41. purple
  42. Lloyd (which means “grey” in Welsh)
  43. lux
  44. Mab (the Fairy Queen)
  45. meeko
  46. Mercury (feel free to add “Freddie” for superstar power)
  47. Miku (Japanese for “beautiful sky”)
  48. Foggy
  49. moon
  50. morgan
  51. nimbus
  52. Noelani (Hawaiian for “heavenly mist”)
  53. orchid
  54. otter
  55. pearl
  56. shingle
  57. Dove
  58. failed
  59. Rain
  60. Reva (“rain” in Hindi)
  61. sapphire
  62. Sasha (ideal for Russian Blue)
  63. selena
  64. seraph
  65. Seymour
  66. The shade
  67. shading
  68. shelby
  69. money
  70. Skylar
  71. spot
  72. storm or storm
  73. Silvia or Silvia
  74. Thalia
  75. Windy
  76. wolf
  77. Yin (from Chinese 银 means “money” or “money”)
  78. Yuki (“Snowstorm”)
  79. Zelda (from “Griselda”, meaning “gray”)
  80. zephyr
  81. Ziggy (as in Stardust)

13 Big Russian Cat Names

Popular with Russian Blue owners, but nice for any cat.

  1. Sascha
  2. mila
  3. Miguel
  4. micha
  5. Boris
  6. Ivan
  7. Michka
  8. Juri
  9. Katya
  10. kiss
  11. nika
  12. small port
  13. Anya

Choosing the Best Gray Cat Name

Whether you have a British Blue Shorthair, a French Chartreux or perhaps a Russian Blue, a gray haired cat is a sight to behold. One of the rarest color variations in a cat is called “lilac” or “lavender,” a cool blue-grey that’s usually evenly distributed throughout the coat.

Your new gray cat is part of the family, so take the time to choose a name you like. In addition to their silvery coat, do you also consider your cat’s personality: a fiery paprika or an elegant violet? A cheeky Bubbles or a mischievous Grady? Your interests and preferences also play a role in animal naming. Cat lovers chose names of favorite foods, book characters, colors, and musicians to name their newly adopted kitten or cat. Yes, that means everything from Dorian Gray to Zelda is on the table.

And of course, color doesn’t have to matter when it comes to your cat’s name. A gray cat can have a cat name like Lily, Ollie, or Boots just as easily as any other cat.

Cats generally don’t respond to their names like dogs, mainly because cats are much less likely to be trained (and therefore taught to associate their names with specific outcomes) by cat owners. Say your cat’s name often, so give your best admirers a spin. Say them out loud and discover how easy they are. Don’t forget to say if you want to hear the audio.

Gray cat naming trends

In general, we’re seeing a big increase in human names for cats (and dogs too, by the way!), while word names like Smokey and Shadow and character names like Baloo and Meeko remain prominent. , the fastest growing cat names are also popular baby names.

This means that cat lovers are choosing Gracie, Rowan, and Albus (full name Albus Dumbledore, of course) as kitten names instead of Lady or Kitty. Hipster baby names can also be found in our data on popular cat names. Names like Opal, Griffin, and Luna appeal to newly adopted kittens and cats as well as forward-thinking human babies.

With gray cats in particular, we see an ongoing fascination with naming cats after other animals. These include the mouse, goose, wolf and fox, as well as the more unusual koalas and otters.

After all, the names of the moon and sky are important to gray cats (as well as black cats!). These include the ever-popular Luna along with Selena, Artemis, Luna herself, and Jupiter, Venus, Nimbus, and Storm.

Need a cat sitter?

Cats naturally seem to be more independent than dogs, but they also need attention, games, and treats when you’re not around. Your big cat deserves excellent care. You’ve found the best cat name, so now it’s time to find the perfect cat sitter for her.

Find your cat’s perfect companion right from your phone, then set off with pleasure.

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