25+ Mothers Day Crafts for Kids – Most Wonderful Cards, Keepsakes and More!

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There are a lot of totally amazing things. Crafts for Mother’s Day for children can do (and moms will love), from super easy projects for little ones to more challenging crafts for older kids!

The best card ideas, easy projects for preschoolers and toddlers, and even some awesome art projects.

Flower crafts are always a hit, but there are many, many other fun crafts you might want to make (at home or in the classroom).

Wonderful Mother's Day Crafts for Kids - the best ideas for cards, keepsakes and art projects #craftsforkids #mothersday #mothersdaycrafts

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Our favorite craft ideas for Mother’s Day

1. Tulip in a heart card

Tulip in a Heart Card Crafts for Valentine's DayThis is one of the prettiest cards you can make for Mother’s Day – close it and when the card opens it reveals a beautiful 3D tulip.

See how to make one (and grab the handy template)

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2. Handprint Butterfly Photo Crafts

Handprint Butterfly Mother's Day Craft

Cute and personal, a hand printed Mother’s Day craft that you simply must make with your kids.

Check out the tutorial here.

3. Mother’s Day Moon Reverse Photo Crafts

Craft rocket for Mother's Day

Another wonderful DIY photo that will look great on the fridge.

See how to create one here.

4. Heart shaped notebook

DIY heart notebook paper craftThe wonderful thing about this one is that it is easy to make and you can fill this book with cute kids drawings. A priceless keepsake for years to come.

Learn how to make a heart-shaped notebook.

5. Twist and Pop Mother’s Day Card

Twist and pop card idea for Mother's Day for kids

We love it when cards have an element of surprise. These twist and pop cards are actually very, very easy to make.

See how to make them here.

6. Fingerprint Heart Tree

Mother's Day Card - Fingerprint Tree - this one is perfect for all ages

This has been one of our favorite projects over the years.

See how to make this fingerprint heart tree here.

7. Child photo – holding a flower card

Paper Flower Mother's Day Card

Beautiful card with a photo of a child. Kids love creating this one because of the modeling involved. A beautiful and personal idea.

Check out the tutorial here

8. Handprint Item no

Handprint Art Flower Crafts for Mother's Day

Make wonderful fingerprint art for Mother’s Day.

9. Air Dried Clay or Salt Dough Candle Holders – Crafts for Mother’s Day for children in class

Handprints in Salt Dough Souvenir Candle Holders

Salt dough souvenirs are perfect for large groups of children because they are so frugal.

10. Heart Flower

Paper flower crafts for kids

One of the funniest Mother’s Day cards – this heart opens to reveal a hidden message.

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11. Egg Carton Flowers

How to make flowers out of an egg carton

Can you believe these flowers are made out of egg cartons?

12. Corner mark

Heart Corner Bookmark Papercraft

Learn how to make a heart corner bookmark

13. Handmade flowers

Cute handprint flower crafts for kidsAnother project worthy of a showcase on your fridge. Trace your child’s hand, make flowers and make a bouquet that will not fade.

See how to make them here.

14. Unicorn Planter

DIY unicorn planter

This unicorn plant pot makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

More great craft ideas for Mother’s Day

1. Flowers always look great, so why not make one that lasts a little longer, like this egg carton sunflower canvas?

2. These die cut planters are a welcome gift. Modge Podge Rocks

3. Make a marble bowl! It’s surprisingly easy to make and looks gorgeous! an artistic mother

4. And here’s another version of the marbled bowl because it’s just amazing! a wonderful mess

5. This is one of the cutest keepsakes (and one of my favorites): make a hand ring plate! – Mother. Father. bouba

Mother's Day keepsake gifts that kids can make

6. Do you know how to make tinted mason jars? It’s easy! as we grow

7. Vase with photo frame? Yes, please! I love crafts

8. Jewelry is another great option and it’s even better if the kids make it themselves. You can make something as simple as this sand art bottle necklace (it looks amazing). Simple and fun

9. Frames are always great: make a frame out of tissue paper! Scattered Thoughts of a Smart Mother

10. Get to work and make a unique bag! we did that

11. Give a flower! But here’s the twist: create your own one-of-a-kind flower box! adventures with children

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12. Do you have an old umbrella lying around? Give that boring umbrella a makeover!

13. How about a tulip pen? chiffon and merlot

14. Need an easy project for the little ones? Make this Mother’s Day card with fingerprints! smart tomorrow

Mother's Day crafts that kids can make

15. If you have some macaroons and egg cartons, you can make this adorable egg carton! Modge Blog Rocks Podge

16. Bookmarks make great gifts and this handmade bookmark is perfect! happy hooligans

17. Salt dough is great for making souvenirs. Try making this footprint souvenir! Cowboy Life Blog

18. If you have a candle or two, you can also make these fingerprint candles. come together children

19. Giving Flowers: Make sure you make this polka dot vase too! significant mother

20. While you love vases you can make lots of cool vases by upcycling things around your house, check out this vase set for Mother’s Day. mothers and artisans

21. Do you have coffee filters? Make a coffee filter bouquet! Have fun at home with the kids.

Crafts for Mother's Day for children - gifts from childrenCrafts for Mother's Day for children

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