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If there’s one thing wrong with Mega Man games, it’s that they’re finite and predictable. Heck, most Mega Man strategies involve memorizing a level to the point where you can play it back and forth blindfolded.

will not work 20XX. This standalone Mega Man tribute is a roguelike take on Capcom’s classic franchise, creating unique levels every time you play. It might sound intimidating, but 20XX is actually friendlier than many roguelikes, as long as you know the basics. This is where we come in.

Who should you play with?


Drum Clip Sets / Drum Clips

when you start 20XXYou can choose between two playable characters: ace Y little girl. Ace is a melee-focused character who wields a plasma sword, while Nina wields the classic Mega Man-style blaster. Both characters can charge their main attack for extra damage and have the same starting stats.

For beginners, we recommend playing as Nina. His style should be very familiar to you, and his blaster will keep you at a distance, making learning new enemies and bosses a lot easier.

As you gain experience, you can freely level Ace, who can level up much faster than Nina, despite being at greater risk to his personal well-being.

What difficulty?


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Before the start of each race in 20XX, you can change your difficulty level. If you’re just starting out, you might choose the Revenant difficulty, which despite the rough name is actually easy. This gives you three lives to win the game instead of just one.

We recommend you to stay away from this easy mode and opt for “Normal”. Why? The game is really built for life and Revenant feels a bit of a crutch. However, if you are struggling to collect enough soul tokens, making it easy can help you overcome that difficulty and give you a better chance of getting comfortable with the game later in the game.

Soulmarks Explained


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In the previous section we mentioned soul chips. Here we will dive a little deeper into how they work.

You earn Soulmarks as you play, and their frequency will increase as you progress through the game. Unlike any other item you will find in it 20XX, Soul tokens stay with you when you return to base after a failed mission. Once there, you can spend them on various permanent upgrades for your character and the game.

For example, you can permanently increase your maximum health at the start of a run or spawn a weapon crate from the start. These upgrades are very useful and will make future runs much easier, so it’s a good idea to spend your soul tokens here first.

However, you’ll soon find that you don’t have enough Soul Chips to buy all of the permanent upgrades, especially since your supply drops to zero once you start a new run. In other words, you should spend as many soul tokens as possible before leaving the base.

If you find that you don’t have enough tokens to purchase a permanent upgrade, start collecting items on the left side of the base. Spending soul tokens on these items will cause them to appear randomly on future runs, which is very useful.

If you don’t have enough soul tokens for permanent upgrades or dropped items, you can throw them at the right items. They’re basically disposables that you can take with you on your next run, which makes it a little easier.

If you want to max out your soul marks in one run, keep an eye out for enemies that glow. They take a lot more damage but give you soul tokens for your trouble.

Powers, Enhancements, and Armor


Drum Clip Sets / Drum Clips

20XX It gets pretty overwhelming and throws tons of pills at you very quickly. In this section we explain how your character develops during a race.

powers They are obtained by defeating a boss at the end of a level. Each boss has their own power that you can earn by defeating them, and these powers affect certain other bosses (another Mega Man nod). Even if you can’t pair the right power with the right boss, power-ups deal a lot more damage (at the expense of your energy bar) and are a great way to burn down a tricky boss.

AugustIn short, they are passive buffs that increase stats like your max health, speed, and luck (increasing enemy drop rates). You can find them in crates and chests, and if you want you can also select them from a boss power at the end of a level. If you fall behind with your boosts, you won’t have enough health or damage to advance. So make sure you pick them up whenever possible.

finally there is armor. They are also passive upgrades for your character, granting various abilities such as double jumps (for boots) or an energy efficiency bonus (for armor). Unlike Augs, the armor is not permanent and will be replaced if you pick up another armor from the appropriate slot. What you choose really depends on your playstyle, but be aware that if you manage to collect all four pieces of a given armor set (e.g. spike immunity for the Armatort set).

keep up

20XX It might seem daunting, but if you persevere, you’ll get closer and closer to the end every time you play. Granted, you’ll have some terrible runs here and there, but as with all roguelikes, death translates into a bit more life experience for your next run, until you find yourself progressing through levels you once struggled with. And hey, you can always bring a friend to help you with cooperative play!

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