20 Super Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Let the summer come! Sunny days, ice swimming… And lots of fun Summer activities for children! Most of these ideas for what to do with your kids are economical and easy to implement.


1. Give your kids a magnifying glass and send them bug hunting! Ask them to note mistakes as they go. There are many spooky creatures everywhere. To do the educational stuff, go to the library and borrow a book or two on insects.

2. You can do the same with plants.

3. Make a stone mosaic. This makes twice the fun: collect the rocks first (if you don’t live in an area with rocks, you can always find them at dollar stores or gardening stores). Now that you have your pebbles, make a “picture frame”; For example, draw a square with side chalk. Now let the kids create their masterpieces using only bricks (you can even color the bricks to make it easier).

4. Go to the beach…in your backyard! You can buy two small pools at the Dollar Store and fill one with sand and the other with water. Do everything as if you were going to the beach: pack snacks, drinks, a beach ball, flip flops (crossword for you) and let’s go!

5. Visit a foreign country… from your living room (if it’s not in your budget). If you have a globe you can spin it and let the children choose a country at random… Or if you have an atlas ask the children to randomly turn to a page and choose a country. You don’t have any, the internet has everything, you can use this random country generator (just set it to 1). Once you’ve found your country, do a quick search online: print out a photo or two and let the children stick their own photos on top (e.g. a travel photo). Check if the randomly selected country has traditional recipes that are easy to prepare and prepare them together…

6. Build an outdoor playhouse! There are so many ways to do this – cardboard is always a fun and economical option!

7. Make a water drop (by shouting out funny moms)! Such an inexpensive and fun project!

8. Buy or better yet build a kite! For the less skilled, you can also have fun with a light plastic bag (which you get when you buy fruit or the ones you see through garbage bags) and some string to make a simple kite!

9. Make a time capsule and bury it. Just make sure you make a good map of where you buried it in case you want to find it years later. My childhood best friend and I did the time capsule thing and now over 20 years later I wish I knew where it is.

10. Make sponge bombs and have fun in the water! The joy of the inner child

11. Start a photo journal! Ask your children to take a photo of something every day, print out the photo and put it in a scrapbook with some notes about that photo.

12. Water! You can’t have fun in summer without watering, perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. You can make some great ones with pool noodles (although there are tons of fun pool noodle activities perfect for summer, too).

13. Have an obstacle course in your backyard!

14. Set up a lemonade stand (classic).

15. Play and explore with ice cream! Like these experiments on the ice! game ideas

16. Head to the library and borrow a book on how to fold paper airplanes (you’ll be amazed at how many different ways you can fold an airplane!). Make a few and enter a competition to see which model flies the farthest (or is the tallest, or does the most laps…).

17. Make your own ice cream. Let the kids plan everything from names to ingredients (within reason). If you don’t have an ice cream maker, there are many ways to make fluffy, delicious ice cream!

18. Buy the children a cheap piece of clothing, preferably white, fabric paints or markers, and let them make their own clothes (or even a clothesline if you can find a bargain).

19. Learn about the night sky! Look up constellations and write them on your star chart (there are plenty of them online).

20. Build sand castles! You don’t even have to be at the beach to make them, you can get tons of sand at garden centers and hardware stores for pennies!


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