20+ Cute and Easy Origami for Kids

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Let the folding fun begin! There are tons of great (and easy) tricks out there Origami for children The projects are waiting for you on this page. They all have step by step instructions showing how to make them!

I’m sure you will love each of the featured projects because they are all very beautiful!

Kids Origami - Lots of easy origami tutorials for kids with step by step instructions.

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Lots of super awesome origami for kids projects!

You can make them with any type of paper, although I really recommend using origami paper, and you can even get patterned origami paper, which is beyond adorable!

Can’t wait to start folding? Neither do I, so let’s jump straight into the water ;).

Origami Fortune Teller Shark Cootie Catcher

You can see them in action here

Some call them lice catchers, others soothsayers (and I’m sure they have a few other names). Whatever the name, the fun is still the same!

  How to Draw a Spider – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Grab the Shark Lice Catcher printable template and let the folding fun begin!

worship these? we have more

explore our funny lice catcher designs

Origami Corner Bookmarks

Do-it-yourself origami bookmarks

These origami corner bookmarks are a great project for beginners (any age because they are so much fun to make).

We have a video tutorial for bunny bookmarks

Follow the folding instructions for the monster bookmark.

And here are some more ideas for these

origami cat

If your kids are cats (like me, hehehehe) they will love folding these paper cats.

transform the stars

This is worshiped by all little ninjas around the world – a morphing star!

See instructions here. what do we do all day

Easy origami frogs

And here is another version of these little jumping lice!

Find out how to fold a paper frog! it’s always autumn

folded swan

This swan is another great origami for beginners – easy to fold and pretty!

See folding instructions. red ted art

  How to Draw a Dog – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for a Cute Cartoon Dog

origami bunnies

Jump, jump, go rabbit! Your kids will love making this soft little animal, and you can even top off this project with a pompom for a tail.

Check out the origami rabbit folding instructions. craft lab

Origami Butterflies

Hear them float!

Learn to make origami butterflies. red ted art

Snake crafts for kids

It’s not technically origami, but this little snake craft gives little hands a decent warm-up when folding.

Learn to make accordion snakes.

Paper elephant

do you like elephants fold one!

Discover the folding instructions to make an elephant! mishmash craft

paper cube

How about a bunch of colorful cubes?

Make origami cubes! Origami Mom

blinking eye

These can be adorable or a little spooky (in a fun artistic way!).

Find out how to wink your eyes! Activity blog for kids

foldable paper bear

You can also easily make an awesome bear!

Find out how to make one! everything for the boys

origami rings? Oh yeah!

folded paper rings

Honestly, what could be more elegant than your own jewelry made from paper folds? You won’t be able to stop!

Learn how to make elegant rings. ZakkaLife

folded hearts

These are really great for Valentine’s Day, but there’s nothing stopping you from making them all year round!

  How to Draw a Wolf – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

See how to make hearts. The connection we share

cute birds

How about some of these cute birds?

See instructions. red ted art

funny faces for folding paper

Don’t you see a bunch of twisted human faces your kids will make? They look really cool, don’t they?

See the instructions for folded paper pages. Pink striped socks

Bent Mushrooms

You could make a whole fairy town out of it!

See origami mushroom instructions. crocodile

There are many fish in the sea… and your kids can make as many as they want!

Follow these simple origami fist instructions. childhood 101

Easy origami for kids

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