15 Intricate Adult Coloring Books We Adore – Coloring Books For Adults Craze

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I am sure you have already noticed Coloring books for adults are all the rage: the color craze is getting stronger every day and there is a good reason for that: coloring books for adults are great! They say they have a similar effect on your mind as meditation, so they’re a great weapon for beating stress in a fun way and allowing you to express your creativity!

Je ne peux pas en avoir assez et il y en at tellement que j’adore, des chefs-d’oeuvre super complexes aux oeuvres d’art plus simple que vous font voyager vers la détente, mais en voici 15 que j’aime vraiment at the moment.


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Some of the best adult coloring books


1. Creative Haven Creative Cats Coloring Book by Marjorie Sarnat

OK, I’ll admit I might be a bit biased here because I’m a total cat person, ha! But seriously, this coloring book has awesome coloring pages for cats. So you have a steampunk cat, cat king and queen, space cat and many more. Each page is filled with fun cat details and backgrounds creating a truly colorful experience. The designs are single sided and the paper is quite thick (Sharpies bleeds), but you can easily rip out a page and color them in yourself without worrying about hurting others (because we all get carried away).


2. Secret Garden and Ink Scavenger Hunt by Johanna Basford

You’ll get lost in it (in a good way), the illustrations are stunning! Each page has lots of details to color in and the quality of the paper is excellent! While it’s double-sided so I don’t recommend coloring in with markers as they tend to bleed, but if you choose to use colored pencils or gel pens (which are great btw) you’ll really enjoy this one.

  Ocean and Sea Animals Coloring Pages {Free Printable}


3. Creative color inspiration from Valentina Harper

If you need a little positivity in your life (and who doesn’t?), then this adult coloring book is for you! You’ll color in beautiful designs (from abstract shapes to nature illustrations), all with a positive quote that will brighten your day. Perforations on each page (single-sided printing) make it easy to remove the page, making it easy to colorize and frame later if desired.


4. Adult coloring book: anti-stress patterns

As the name suggests, this adult coloring book is packed with detailed (some crazy) coloring pages with all sorts of designs designed to put your mind at ease. It is better to use gel pens or colored pencils.


5. Animorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Searching Challenge by Kerby Rosanes

This one is insane (also a little insane)! But I love the drawings! The main theme is animals, but each of the designs implements a million little creatures and objects, all of which add up to a crazy draw and doodle adventure (because there are sections where you can complete the designs by adding your own doodle) Art).


6. Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Pages for Meditation and Relaxation by Lacy Mucklow

Some simple, some more detailed, but with 100 coloring pages, this relaxing coloring book for adults is a breeze.


7. Creative Havens Owl Coloring Book by Marjorie Sarnat

There’s something about owls, isn’t there? They’ve been a hot item just about everywhere in recent years – fabrics, jewelry (you must have seen owl necklaces at some point), and in crafts – so why shouldn’t they be “a thing” when it comes to coloring adult books? As with other Creative Haven books, the design and paper quality are excellent, and you can easily select pages to color or frame. Consider this a must-have in all adult coloring book collections (just to be on trend).


8. Doodle Invasion: Zifflin Coloring Book

  Mermaid Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

Doodle Invasion is, well, Doodle Invasion… A bit weird compared to most adult coloring books, but ok, sometimes this adult coloring book is full of weird little Doodle creatures, as well as your animals and standard items. A fun experience worth exploring.


9. Flower Coloring Book by Jenean Morrison

Because sometimes you just have to color the flowers. And that’s it. A great addition to any adult coloring book collection (or a great way to start a collection).


10. Adult Coloring Book: Anti Stress Animal Drawings

For all animal lovers, with an imaginative approach, this coloring book will have you falling in love in no time.


11. Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford

Did you love the secret garden? This is another magical coloring book by the same ink artist.


12. Creative Haven Fanciful Faces Coloring Book by Miryam Adatto

Who knew coloring people’s faces could be so much fun? This book contains many amazing illustrations of “whimsical faces” to color in. Each page is perforated making it easy to pull out and frame.


13. The Mandala Coloring Book: Inspiring Creativity by Jim Gogarty

You really can’t have a list of, well let’s call it a list of the best adult coloring books without mandalas, probably the most relaxing design ever!


14. Balance by Angie Grace

Another absolutely brilliant book full of intricate and relaxing mandala designs.


15. Thaneeya McArdle hipster coloring book

Last but not least and I’m sure you’ll love this one because it’s quite trendy – one of the funniest adult coloring books we have a hipster coloring book – how cute is it cool? If you love hipster style (at least what’s not to love about coloring books?), this one will blow your mind!

That! I hope these wonderful adult coloring books will ease your coloring urge and take you on a wonderful, colorful and relaxing adventure!

Some suggestions for coloring accessories

I’ll be making a more detailed post on what I use and why I color adult coloring books soon, but here’s the short list of some of the pens, pencils and markers I love to use!

  DIY Corner Bookmarks - Cute Monsters

Sharpie Markers – I’m absolutely in love with the vibrant colors they have and the way they blend (tip, you get different hues if you blend two markers together while still wet on the paper, or if you change from one color to another the first one is already dry) . Remember, these babies will bleed through almost anything! So be sure to protect the other pages of your coloring books (which is why I love Creative Haven’s perforated pages, which are easy to take out of the book and color in).

Gel pens, Fiskars is a great brand! While these don’t usually bleed, I’d be wary of using “cheap brands” (not that they’re really expensive) and trying them out before jumping into the world of coloring (having had a bad experience with one). “no name” stamp, although honestly only one seemed to bleed).

Prismacolor colored pencils: another must-have! They make coloring even more relaxing! Il est nependant très important d’en bonne qualité (comme celles-ci) car encore une fois, les marques “sans nom” apportent plus de frustration que de plaisir car les couleurs manquent et ne s’estompent pas et ne mélangent evil .

Metallic Markers – This will add “pizazz” to your designs! A must have in your collection, although again these tend to bleed more frequently.

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