145 Best Bird Names of 2019 for Budgies, Cockatiels, Parrots, and More

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Do you like dogs, cats or birds? At Rover we would definitely choose all three and we are not alone. After dogs and cats, the bird is one of the most common pets in the United States. As animal name experts at Rover, we think bird names deserve more attention. We’ve searched our huge database of animal names to compare the best options for furry friends to the best options for birds. We’ve included many recommendations for boy bird names, girl bird names, and names for parakeets, lovebirds, macaws, and more.

The best birds deserve the cutest, funniest, or most original name, depending on their personality. By naming your favorite bird, you’re helping to shape your feathered friend’s identity for years to come. Read on for this year’s popular bird names and good luck picking the perfect name.

The 10 Best Male Bird Names

  • jack o jackson
  • Blue
  • Rocky
  • jet
  • Flow
  • charlie
  • Sterling (ideal for a gray parrot)
  • The shade
  • water tap
  • pilot

The 10 Best Female Bird Names

  • golden
  • Cleo
  • coconut
  • little bird
  • Ava
  • moon
  • Heaven
  • Sunny
  • zoe
  • Beautiful

famous bird names

  • Woodstock (peanut)
  • Lucas (Looney Tunes)
  • Iago (Aladdin)
  • Zazu (The Lion King)
  • Tweety (Looney Tunes)
  • Hedwig (Harry Potter)
  • jewel (river)
  • Daisy (Looney Tunes)
  • Becky (Finding Dory)
  • devil (sleeping beauty)
  • Nigel (Finding Nemo)

65 Cool Bird Names

We love this variety of options, from mythology to nature to pop culture. Fun fact: Parrots learn their names in the wild. So they will surely learn what you give them!

  1. ace
  2. Albert
  3. aldo
  4. aretha
  5. astro
  6. Baxter
  7. good looking
  8. Precious
  9. association
  10. captain
  11. Caspar
  12. Heavenly
  13. dragon
  14. purple
  15. dahlia
  16. Diana (Roman moon goddess)
  17. diva
  18. drake
  19. duck
  20. Edie or Edith
  21. Einstein
  22. electr
  23. Elise
  24. elvis
  25. Fabian
  26. fiona
  27. harpist
  28. Heaven
  29. Hendrix
  30. Hedwig (after the owl, of course)
  31. Enrique
  32. Hunter
  33. indigo
  34. Elizabeth (or Belle)
  35. James
  36. Jackson
  37. jasper
  38. jet
  39. Julia
  40. Jupiter
  41. Leilani
  42. Lion
  43. Magnolia (magic)
  44. mojo
  45. Neville
  46. Orion
  47. Orville
  48. Oscar
  49. Paco
  50. Penelope
  51. Phoebe
  52. Phoenix
  53. pilot
  54. rainbow
  55. Romeo
  56. I sat
  57. Santiago
  58. Sebastian
  59. starlight or star
  60. talulah
  61. hoe
  62. Xena
  63. Xerxes
  64. Zeus
  65. to
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60 Cute Bird Names

Many of these names would sound great on a species like parakeet (parakeet) or jolly cockatoo.

  1. angle
  2. angie
  3. ann
  4. infant
  5. outer wall
  6. bamboo
  7. banjo
  8. big Bird
  9. bingo
  10. pretty
  11. charlie
  12. Smiling
  13. Cleo
  14. coconut
  15. cracker
  16. Kory
  17. treasure
  18. duchess
  19. eve
  20. flora
  21. Gabby (short for Gabrielle, maybe?)
  22. George
  23. golden
  24. Fun
  25. treasure
  26. slut
  27. India
  28. kiwi
  29. lenny
  30. Luis
  31. Luis
  32. Luck
  33. Macy’s
  34. mango
  35. Mathilde
  36. Max.
  37. melody
  38. Olli
  39. oliver
  40. oliver
  41. Paulie
  42. pickles
  43. pinkie finger
  44. The peaches
  45. peanut
  46. pepper
  47. Pikachu
  48. Rich
  49. ring
  50. Roxy
  51. Sami
  52. Outrageous
  53. bowling game
  54. Sofia
  55. Top
  56. My sweetheart
  57. you ki
  58. wilbur
  59. pasture
  60. Ziggy

Great names for a blue bird

Not surprisingly, thrushes are among the most popular feathered pets. So how does one choose the perfect nickname for a blue parrot, well, blue? Rover has great options for you.

  • Azure or Azura
  • blue or blue
  • blueberry
  • Heavenly
  • Kai
  • ocean
  • Flow
  • sapphire
  • sky or sky
  • teal or teal

Great names for a red bird

Beautiful purple macaws or little robins are eye-catchers. So it makes sense that we’d want to give them a name that reflects their beautiful color.

  • Amber
  • cherry
  • Blaze or Blaise
  • Fire
  • Keegan
  • maple
  • mountain of ash
  • ruby
  • rufous
  • scarlet
  • sparkling or sparkling

Human names for birds (and vice versa)

Pets are part of our family, whether they have feathers, scales or fur, and giving them a great name underscores that fact. You will feel closer to your pet by choosing their name. It’s no surprise that many popular bird names are also first choices for human babies, like Isabella, Ava, and Casper.

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Interestingly, the trend goes both ways. Not only do we love giving human names to our pet birds, but we love naming baby birds too. From classics like Robin to trendy new options like Wren, Lark, Phoenix, and Paloma (which means “dove” or “dove” in Spanish), many girls and boys have bird-inspired names.

Do you need pet care?

You probably need someone to take care of your pets while you’re away. Although pet birds don’t need to walk, they still need attention while you’re on vacation. And if you also have a dog, cat or other furry friend at home, it helps to find someone to take care of them all. This is where Rover comes in.

Find your pet’s perfect companion right from your phone, then set off with pleasure.

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